The 7 Best (And Spookiest) Pumpkin Carvings On Instagram

The 7 Best (And Spookiest) Pumpkin Carvings On Instagram

Halloween is here! To celebrate the spooky season, we’ve rounded up some of the most creative carvings we could find. While most of us can muster up an acceptable jack-o’-lantern with a couple of triangles and a zigzagging mouth, these people have taken their pumpkin game to the next level.

These pumpkin carvings range from the scary and strange to the straight-up spooktacular. Whatever the design, they are all sure to leave you with your jaw hanging.


Artist Andy Manoloff depicts two of the pivotal scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their pumpkin form. You’d be forgiven for mistaking these for screenshots taken straight from the films. And while they might not seem too scary, that Iron Man carving is sure to trigger a lot of emotional damage for some people. R.I.P Tony.


@michael_brown04 pumpkin carving

A 3D artist with a talent for creating creepy faces, Mike Brown has created an impressive illusion with this realistic carving. He has a whole range of pumpkins that’ll leave you feeling spooked and disturbed. Go and check him out for more.


With a huge portfolio of carvings, The Pumpkin Geek’s designs stretch from pop-culture to celebrities to animals. Think of any famous film and chances are he’s created a carving from it.


@eightiesgirls 80s pumpkin carvings

This impressive round-up of jack-o’-lantern’s are all inspired by pop-culture from the eighties. Delivering designs from fondly remembered franchises alongside the spooky, this collection of pumpkins is sure to deliver the nostalgia in spades.


The team of artists behind Maniac Pumpkins have created an insanely remarkable portfolio of intricate and spooky designs. Often creating characters from pop-culture, they always work to put the highest level of detail into their carvings.


@the_pumpkin_artist pumpkin carving

This hyper-realistic 3D carving is some seriously impressive work by artist Brandy Davis. It’s basically a spooky version of The Veiled Virgin and we love it.


Steve Clarke is the talent behind another collection of pop-culture carvings. As well as that, he’s also the record holder for fastest pumpkin carved, being able to whip-up a jack-o’-lantern in under 17 seconds. You might not have guessed from his Instagram handle.

For an extra dose of spookiness, go and check out our Instagram @ohhdeer where we’ll be posting spooky content all week long to celebrate Halloween!

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