Do you ever get crazy excited when you see a photo booth when you’re on a random night out and know that you’ll end up having your photo taken when you’re all a little bit more intoxicated? Well Lucie Sheridan has taken the photo booth to the next level with a “Rubbish Portrait” booth where visitors step in to have their portrait drawn by Lucie!

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We loved the idea as soon as Lucie reached out and told us about her new adventure, so we caught up with her for a quick interview!

What's the idea behind your project 'Rubbish Portraits'?

I have been creating ‘Rubbish Portraits’ since 2007, which started life as doodles to pass the time, as standing behind my work at art fairs can have its dull moments. I would draw the visiting public as they browsed the art on show.


What inspired you to set up the portrait booth?

I had an enjoyable and rewarding experience when I was invited to be the artist in residence at The Affordable Art Fair in 2016. It proved very popular with the public as a live art event. I was given three blank walls to paint anyone and everyone who wanted their ‘Rubbish Portrait’ painted. It’s taken me a little while and a few bottles of wine to realise it’s potential and package the whole concept. I wanted to recreate this successful time and needed to take my event on the road and offer it to a wider audience. At the start of 2019 I found the momentum and the right person to build me a portable booth and another team to put together a short promotional video.

Great ideas can take time to raise their heads right?

Roughly how long does it take you create each portrait?

I am very quick! 3-4 minutes

Booth 1278.JPG

That’s probably quicker than most photo booths to be honest! I remember first meeting you at Hi-Fest in Hastings and you were offering quick portrait drawings there, have you always been fascinated in drawing other people?

I love to study people and their faces, and capture their character instantly. I also love the fluidity of brush and ink, and the social value that it offers - talking to new people for the first time and making them feel at ease. Reflecting on Hi-Fest, I was also behind a table selling my work and wanting to feel busy! I guess like most people I do like a stage and this is my opportunity to make connections and put on my very own event and get out of my studio.


What else have you been working on recently?

I am working an a children’s puzzle for an American company and progressing with a private commission painting the interior of a grand house in Clifton, Bristol, including creating a tropical jungle in a downstairs toilet. The brief was actually to recreate my Jungle Leaves design that I was commissioned by Ohh deer in 2016… now people can poo in paradise. ;-)

Rubbish Portrait by lucie Sheridan copy.JPG

Thanks for catching up with us Lucie! It definitely sounds like you want to keep yourself busy!

You can see more from Lucie Sheridan below:



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