From a simple expression illustrated on a characters face, to witty one-liners, Chris from Safely Endangered has us in stitches. Too good to not share with the world, we’ve made a card range featuring the best of Chris’ comics. When gifted to your loved ones, you can either laugh with them, or laugh at them, what a win.

We chat to Chris below about the range and his secret comic winning recipe.

Hi Chris!

Main question (and the most important), where do you get your sense of humor from? Your comics are HILARIOUS, they have us in stitches in the Ohh Deer office. It’s one special skill you have.

I'm glad you all enjoy them! I grew up watching a lot of comedy TV shows that have undoubtedly influenced my comics (Simpsons, Futurama, Fools & Horses, Peep Show and Friends to name a few). I also have the benefit of being around funny friends and family members who I draw inspiration from.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Creating comics is fairly different to the usual illustration style, with pace and wording being really important. Have you found that you’ve always had a knack for comics, or did this way of story-telling happen over time?

It's definitely a skill that has improved over time. I was always a big doodler but I never tried drawing comics until I began Safely Endangered. Looking back at my earlier stuff, it's cool to see how much my art and writing have changed (for the better, I hope).

Where does your creative background come from? Did you study a creative field or was Safely Endangered a mere side project?

I actually studied Engineering for a short spell, but my focus quickly changed to my comic side project! I'm not sure where my creative background came from. I do remember selling Pikachu drawings on the school playground. Maybe it began there?

I do remember selling Pikachu drawings on the school playground

Engineering to comics, a definite contrast! IMPORTANT Question: Where did the name Safely Endangered invent itself?!

I originally wanted to draw a webcomic exclusively about animals and I liked the idea of a nonsensical name. I'm not sure why or how it came to fruition, but it's been 6 years so I guess I'm stuck with it!

Do you have any super-duper advice on creating a winning comic for our readers? What are your top 3 comic-creating tips!

There's actually 3 easy steps to create a good web comic.

Step 1: include a dog.
Step 2: include a video game reference.
Step 3: include a character saying "oh no".

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

We’re glad the comic formula has been unlocked Chris. Other than creating comics, do you have any other hobbies or interests that keep you inspired out of the studio? Bird-watching? Paragliding? Maybe bee keeping?

I've been playing guitar since I was in my mid teens. I bought it from a small shop in London and it's the closest thing I have to a child. When I'm away from my desk I love watching live music and getting stuck into nature. I'm in the North West, so there's beautiful national parks in every direction.

Every now and then we add in some juicy questions, you know, the ones that get the blood flowing. Below are some quick-fire questions that you must answer from the heart.

Would you rather drink people’s tears for the rest of your life, or only have tears as a shower resource?

Would I be able to fill a water tank with unlimited tears? Or would I literally have to stand under someone crying in order to bathe? This question raises more questions.

Out of all the dogs, what is the best dog?

Trick question. Every dog is the best dog.

If you were to look like any of your characters, what character would you choose?

The yellow one.

Fascinating. Thanks Chris!

You can follow Chris on Instagram @safely_endangered and check out his card range on!

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