To celebrate the launch of our first ever photography card range, 'Say Cheese', we're giving you the opportunity to have your work published in the collection too. That's right, we'll publish your work as greeting cards! We're searching for your best photography, whether that's animals, landscapes, plants, you name it! Anything you think would look great on a greeting card. We've teamed up with the wonderful instax who will be helping us judge & providing some amazing prizes too. Check out @instaxHQ to spy what goodies you could get your mitts on! When it comes to us, our products are stocked by the best leading brands worldwide (Urban Outfitters, Oliver Bonas, Paperchase, Selfridges, John Lewis, ASOS & TATE Galleries to name a few) and we also sell directly to our lovely online customers.

Competition opens: 15th February 2019
Competition closes: 15th March 2019, 11:59pm

Competition is open worldwide. No limit to the number of entries :)


Our brand new Say Cheese greeting card range features images from our favourite Instagram influencers; @mr.pokee, @runnerkimhall, @charlottelovely and many more! With photographs that go with any message you want to send, our Say Cheese range is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.


1st – Greeting card license & an instax SHARE SP-3 Printer + Film
2nd – Greeting card license & an instax SQUARE SQ6 Instant Camera + Film
3rd – Greeting card license & an instax mini 9 Instant Camera + Film


How To Enter

1. Have a little look at our current Say Cheese card range to get a feeling of what images you think would best fit the range. Maybe write down some notes, mind map some ideas and think about what you want your image to be?

2. Get shooting! Go out and take your photos. Some things to think about when you’re taking your winning pic…

  • Make sure your light is facing the subject to avoid harsh shadows.

  • Try to avoid dark environments because the camera will add noise in to compensate and a slow shutter speed will reduce sharpness, natural light is your best friend!

  • You can use mirrors/tin foil/white card to add and shape light to your liking.

  • Think about composition and the angle of your shot, don't crop into the subject too much as this will hinder you later on, and also consider the fact that your final image will need to be square.

  • Avoid heavy filters; Instagram’s Valencia is not a good idea!

Every photo always needs its digital tweaks to get it looking tip top. Perhaps take your photo into image editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Editing the levels and contrast of your image really makes a big difference!

4. Post your image via Instagram! You’ll simply need to hashtag your photo with #saycheesecompetition and tag @ohhdeer x @instaxhq in the description. You can also write a bit about your photo in the caption too!

5. Follow @ohhdeercompetitions to keep updated on competition entries and new information! A shortlist will be announced on the 8th of March 2019 with final votes being cast by midnight on the 15th of March 2019.

Artwork Guidelines

For your photo to be valid for the competition, it must adhere to the following guidelines…

  • A square format image

  • Minimum 1500 x 1500 pixels in size

  • Original image must be 300dpi (Instagram will compress this to 72dpi but we will ask for the original to be used for artworking purposes, so please keep this file safe)

  • Colours of the image should be suitable for CMYK printing. (For instance fluorescent green and fluorescent pink will look very dull when converted to CMYK)

  • We won’t be accepting images of human portraits due to legal reasons

  • No illustration is to be used in collaboration with the photographic design - this is purely a photographic competition.

  • We will NOT accept entries that contain offensive or unsuitable imagery/language.

  • We do not condone copying or stealing of other artworks/photographs.


Share your photo in all it’s greeting card glory via our downloadable Instagram image templates! You have the choice of showing off your design as an A6 card or a square format! Simply clip your design to the clipping mask specified within the PSD. (Please note that this is for sharing your image on social media only, not for artworking purposes. Please have a fully high-res file that adheres to the specifications above before placing your image in this file. For Photoshop use only.)

Share by hashtaging your photo with #saycheesecompetition and tag @ohhdeer x @instaxhq in the description.


A6 Portrait Card Template


Square Card Template

Get Inspired

Need to get into the Say Cheese groove? Here are some images we LOVE! Have a scroll and jot down some ideas.

Good luck everyone!

Competition closes: 15th March 2019

Follow @ohhdeercompetitions for updates.

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