Sculpting A Life-Sized Groot Entirely Out Of Gingerbread

Sculpting A Life-Sized Groot Entirely Out Of Gingerbread

You could easily mistake this life-sized sculpture for a prop taken straight from Guardians of the Galaxy, but this Groot is no CGI configuration, it’s been delicately crafted from nothing other than gingerbread and a little melted sugar.

Caroline Eriksson is the Norwegian sculptor behind this impressive creation which took her five weeks of working full-time to complete. She assembled the 1:1 sculpture over a wire mesh frame before finishing with an airbrush to add subtle colour and depth.

You can check out the impressive final sculpture and its assembly process below or on Caroline’s Instagram @caroline.d.eriksson.

Gingerbread Groot Sculpture

Caroline explained that she used a basic gingerbread recipe to create the pieces, but added extra syrup and flour while excluding any baking powder to make more durable pieces with a smooth surface.

Gingerbread Groot Being Assembled
Gingerbread Groot HEad.jpg
Gingerbread Groot and sulptor Caroline.jpg

And this isn’t the first gingerbread masterpiece Caroline has brought to life. Each year around Christmas, she’s created a new crunchy creation. So far, she has imagined Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, Smaug and a Xenomorph all in gingerbread. Head over to her Instagram to see them for yourself.


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