The Top 10 Pillows So Far | Pillow Fight 2020

The Top 10 Pillows So Far | Pillow Fight 2020

We’re quickly closing in on the end date for this year’s Pillow Fight competition! But before we get there, let’s take a look at the current top 10 pillow designs based on your votes (subject to change).

If you like the look of a design, just click the image and you’ll be able to vote for it or purchase one for yourself. And you can check out our entire collection of Pillow Fight entries so far to see all the amazing designs people have come up with!

1. Simply Pride - 1079 votes

2. Big cheese - 1041 votes

3. Inky Heather - 707 votes

4. Dancing Sloths - 659 Votes

5. Luna and Sol - 615 Votes

6. Pretty Beasts - 557 Votes

7. Ylang Ylang - 525 Votes

8. Breath and Enjoy This Moment - 390 votes

9. Juicy - 371 Votes

10. Zebra In Floral - 322 Votes

The top 3 pillow entries with the most votes at the end will win a cash prize. If you haven’t submitted your design yet, there’s still time, the Pillow Fight Competition closes on March 20. To find out how to enter, head over to our competition brief.


Pillow Fight 2020 - Our Favourites So Far

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