The Weekly Meme Round-Up: 19 COVID-19 Memes

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: 19 COVID-19 Memes

While we don’t think the coronavirus is funny in any way, the memes about it most certainly are, so we’ve curated a special round-up of 19 COVID-19 memes that might give you a slight chortle during this unusual time. We hope everyone is staying safe. Spread the love, positivity and the memes!

If you want more memes, and not just coronavirus memes, check out our last round-up: The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 15.

1. It’ll Keep The Kids Occupied For Hours

It'll keep the kids occupied for hours!.JPG

2. Gotta get those essentials

Gotta get those essentials.jpg

3. Quarantine and chill?

4. This is your chance to Be a hero

Coronavirus meme 1

5. It’s gonna be a lonely one

It'll be lonely this birthday.JPG

6. Sadly, the release has been delayed until 2021

sadly, the release has been delayed until 2021 (2).JPG

7. One way or another, i’m going on holiday this year

Virtual Vacations will be the next big thing. You heard it here first.PNG

8. Don’t go outside, it’s a trap!

The coronavirus wants you to go outside.jpg

9. who’s gonna break it to him…?

Someone's gonna have to tell him....JPG

10. You think this could become something big?

Should we be worried.JPG

11. We don’t have time for good news!

Now's not the time for good news, we only want bad news!.JPG

12. What a relief

What a relief!.JPG

13. Please do not do this


14. taking Anti-Theft precautions seriously

No toilet roll here.png’s getting crazy in here

IMG_2551 (2).JPG

16. We’ll all wake up soon, right?

IMG_2557 (2).JPG

17. I wonder how it ends…

black mirror irl.jpg

18. If the UK was a person

if the UK was a person.JPG

19. I’m sure This probably doesn’t apply to me…

IMG_2556 (2).JPG

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