The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Christmas Edition #2

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Christmas Edition #2

Back with another Christmas meme round-up (you bet we’re gonna milk it while we can), this edition should see you laughing all the way through to the big day. The holiday season is meant for indulgence, so why not indulge yourself with some top quality memes.

You can find last week’s Christmas memes here: The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Christmas Edition. Check back each week for more funny and wholesome content!

1. It was a compliment, right?

ugly sweater xmas meme.jpg

2. didn’t want to wear one anyway…

big head meme

3. You’re looking at it

I am the gift

4. The Client’s Way Or The Highway

Merry Pringles (2).jpg

5. Don’t Be Fooled, That’s No Reindeer

Christmas Llama or Alpaca.gif

6. Whatever happened to the Argos catalogue

What I want for xmas.jpg

7. The Recycling After Christmas

The recycling after christmas

8. Definitely A Good Sign

Christmas party meme.png

9. Pagan Mccartney

Paul McCartney Christmas meme.jpg

10. Naughty and Nice

Naughty and nice.png

11. The Three Categories

Home Alone is Die Hard.jpg

12. Comfort Over Style, Always

nye duvet.jpg

13. That feeling opening up a fresh pair of socks on christmas

when Santa finally gets you what you want.png

14. It’s Fast Approaching

It's fast approaching...

15. What Santa Doesn’t Know Can’t Hurt Him

magic Christmas dust

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