The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 10

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 10

This week’s memes will cover our first line of defence against robots, you can find out what kind of pirate you are, and you’ll learn how to distinguish if someone is into you from a single message! There’s plenty more funny and wholesome goodness too. Scroll on and enjoy.

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1. The Ultimate Torture

The ultimate torture.jpg

2. Alexa, restart Yummy by Justin Bieber

Alexa, restart Yummy by Justin Bieber (2).JPG

3. that word has no place here

install windows (2).JPG

4. Zuckerberg on a truckerberg?

zuckerberg on a truckerberg (2).JPG

5. You wouldn’t steal a car…

you wouldn't steal a car (2).JPG

6. Is that a Nintendo Wii sensor Bar?

Is that a Wii sensor bar.JPG

7. Hey!

hey hi hey (2).JPG

8. Excited it’s Friday?

It's friday.gif

9. a stupid question

It kills them, idiot.JPG

10. The mum superpower

the mum superpower (2).JPG

11. The Streets

Grew up on the streets (2).JPG

12. Terminators watch out

watch out Terminator.JPG

13. At least we didn’t retweet…

Please dont go viral.JPG

14. Angel of death > healthcare

angel of death over healthcare.JPG

15. There’s always a chance you packed it by accident

There's always the chance you forgot you packed it.JPG

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