The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 11

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 11

If the only thing you love this Valentine’s Day is memes, we’ve got you covered. This week, we’ll only be helping to answer serious questions like “Why do whales breach out of the ocean?”, “How can I sleep in but still make money?” and “Is the person running MoonPie’s Twitter account OK?”

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1. It might be valentine’s day, but Uno How It Is

Uno how it is.jpg

2. Anyone know a good substitute for if i’m all out of synonym?

synonym roll.JPG

3. Turn that blue into green

turn that blue into green.JPG

4. If You ever wanna talk, MoonPie, we’re here for you

You ok, moonpie.JPG

5. Things Were So Much Simpler Then

things were so much simpler.JPG

6. But It Was Whaley Close

that was whaley close.jpg

7. I would die for Billy

I would die for Billy.JPG

8. Tennis Matches Rock

Tennis match.JPG

9. Never Trust A Genie

Never trust a genie.JPG

10. Adding Insult…

No wonder exams were hard (2).JPG

11. …To Injury

I can relate, bulbasaur.JPG

12. The However Is Inevitable


13. I wouldn’t put it Past them

I wouldn't put it past them (2).JPG

14. How was Jeff wronged and why?!

You don't wanna know what they did to jeff, just know they deserved it (2).JPG

15. That’s Quite The Traffic Jam


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