The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 14

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 14

This week, our round-up is packed with useful information. It’ll help any non-native speakers to master the English language, and we’ll also be teaching you the most efficient method to climb stairs. Plus, we’re finally revealing the five sure-fire steps to achieving success! Find all this out and more.

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1. The Official Guide To Hand-Washing

coronavirus wash your hands.png

2. jesus, that’s a lot of empty seats

the last supper

3. it’s just more efficient

Gotta go fast

4. Rawr

IMG-2422 (2).JPG

5. life got you down?

IMG-2430 (2).JPG

6 .Hol’ Up


7. they’re gonna struggle with their there’s too

IMG-2419 (2).JPG

8. We hope someone somewhere might find this useful

IMG-2426 (2).JPG

9. gonna have to try this one…

IMG-2428 (2).JPG

10. i wish this was true


11. Fact: Only sadists Like spicy food

so hot.jpg

12. can anyone from the u.s please explain?

IMG-2421 (2).JPG

13. are you?

random letters.jpg

14. Be Successful In Just 5 Easy Steps

IMG-2424 (2).JPG

15. dude must be really hungry

IMG-2420 (2).JPG

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