The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 15

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 15

This week, we’ve got plenty of coronavirus memes (of course), some anxiety memes, and quite a few memes featuring planets for some reason. We always aim for variety! Scroll on to discover all the official safety measures in place to tackle the coronavirus.

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1. Ahead of the game


2. Oh, I don’t think so


3. OK

ok (2).JPG

4. 5-Year goals

5 year goals.JPG

5. ._.


6. Health Tip

Health Tip.JPG

7. Despite the uk’s best efforts, the coronavirus continued to spread

The UK.jpg

8. Irresponsible Planeting

a lot of moons.JPG

9. Leaf him alone

poor tree.JPG

10. Never skip leg day

strut your stuff.PNG

11. Cry Me An Ocean

Let it out (2).JPG

12. coronavirus better watch out

Go get em, ozzy.JPG

13. Die-Ception

Die-Ception (2).JPG

14. Emergency Safety Measures Activated

Emergency Measures Have Been Activated.JPG

15. Checkmate, hoarders.


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