The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 5

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 5

Get your memes here! Scroll on to see our round-up of our 15 favourite memes from this week.

Each week we’ll have even more cute, quirky, cool and funny content! Check back next Friday for more memes. You can find last week’s round-up here: Meme Round-Up Volume 4.

1. Explosive Love

Explosive Love.jpg

2. Baby Yoda > Baby Groot

Baby Yoda.jpg

3. Songs of the year


4. That’s crazy

meme thats crazy.jpg

5. a 10/10 impression

Fish Being Humans.jpg

6. There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Question, Except…

100 tampons.png

7. Just 6 easy steps

How To Adult.jpg

8. Some would say it’s the perfect time

The time is right.jpg

9. There’s always tomorrow

its funny how that just happens.jpg

10. A Flaw in the system?

Can he do that.jpg

11. When that temperature hits you just right

The Perect Temp.jpg

12. We Talked About This

We talked about this meme.jpg

13. what even uses all the cyan?!

Low on Ink.jpg

14. Boost that word count

Despite the fact that.jpg

15. If it’s balanced, it’s healthy, right?

Balanced Diet.jpg

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