The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 9

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 9

With this week’s round-up, we reveal how you can make your own genuine earthquake detection kit. We’ll also show you how William Shakespeare got his name and why birds probably shouldn’t fly unless they’re fully qualified. Enjoy!

If you’d like even more memes, you can check out last week’s round-up here: The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 8.

  1. Puppies Are Always First

Puppies First.jpg

2. Birds Can’t Fly?

Flying Like A Bird.jpg

3. A little privacy please

cats being cats 2.png

4. Definitely tears of joy

Tears of joy meme.JPG

5. The Perfect Getaway


6. And I’ve been pronouncing it Shake-spear this whole time…

Shakes Pear.JPG

7. The pleasure is all rind


8. You’ve Earned It

You've Earned It.JPG

9. Ahead of his time

Prehistoric Banter (2).JPG

10. A Tad Awkward

That's awkward (2).jpg

11. Thanks, God

Thanks God.JPG

12. I always wondered where they got the idea from


13. Sadshow

sad slideshow.jpg

14. D.I.Y Earthquake Detection Kit

Earthquake detection (2).JPG

15. There’s Always Room For Dessert

Fat squirrel (2).JPG

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