Our Top 10 Favourite Valentine's Day Cards

Our Top 10 Favourite Valentine's Day Cards

A Valentine’s Day gift is all well and good, but you’re going to need to send a message with it. How else are you going to profess your undying love to that special someone? There’s no better way with a greeting card.

But where do you look for the perfect card? Because there’s so many to choose from, we’ve helped you by narrowing down our collection to 10 of our favourite Valentine’s Day cards.

1. Your Hugs Are My Favourite

Adorable dogs and an even cuter message! What more could you want from a Valentine’s card?

2. Dog Is Much Better

Speaking of dogs, how could anybody be better than one of our lovable furry friends? Sometimes it’s better not to lie.

3. Not Bored Yet

Give it to ‘em straight this Valentine’s Day.

4. I’d Shave My Legs For You

It’s the ultimate act of love. Let that special someone know just how much they mean to you with this Valentine’s card. You wouldn’t shave your legs for just anyone, right?

5. Valentine’s Cat Enamel Pin

Purrfect for cat lovers, this Valentine’s card includes a little pin badge with it. It’s like a card and a gift in one! You might have to still get them an actual gift though…

6. Stars In The Sky

Do you know how many stars there are in the sky?! There’s like at least 100 or something…

7. Eaten By A T-Rex

If you were eaten by anything else though, I wouldn’t be bothered.

8. Weirdo

It’s what a perfect relationship is built on.

9. You’ll Do

I mean, they might not be the best at everything. They might annoy you every waking second. Their company might not be the greatest… But they’ll do, I suppose.

10. Relationship

A comprehensive list of absolutely every single reason to be in a relationship, ever.

Whether you opt for funny or thoughtful, you’re sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face. Head over to Ohh Deer to browse our entire collection of Valentine’s Day cards and Valentine’s gifts.


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