The Most Unconventional Christmas Trees

The Most Unconventional Christmas Trees

The flagship of the festive season, Christmas trees come in thousands of shapes and sizes, different colours and, of course, different decorations. It gives people a chance to showcase their festive spirit and creativity as one, with some people going above and beyond with the festivities.

Read on to observe some of the most unconventional Christmas trees we’ve ever witnessed…


Credit: Steven Newland
In The Jaws Of Treezilla
Treezilla the beginning.jpg

It’s not quite a Christmas tree, but it’s made out of Christmas tree so it counts. This Godzilla inspired tree was designed by Steven Newland and is without a doubt one of the most creative re-imaginings of a Christmas tree we’ve seen. It’s even equipped with its very own smoke machine, of course.

A Wheely Good Christmas Tree


Turning whatever they had lying around into something fit for the festive season, dealership Champion Auto Sales fashioned this ‘tree’ entirely from hubcaps. When it comes to Christmas, creativity knows no bounds!

Confiscated Christmas

Confiscated Christmas Tree.jpg
Confiscated goods Christmas tree bullet casings

Vilnius Airport in Lithuania decided to use the festive season as an opportunity to showcase all of their confiscated items - why let them go to waste? In a display constructed mostly of scissors, blades and the occasional bullet (who knew these weren’t allowed?!), this Christmas tree is an excellent reminder of what not to bring to an airport.

How The Grinch Stole A Christmas Tree

Somewhere in between terrifying and terrific, this Grinch inspired Christmas tree topper was posted onto Facebook and quickly racked up thousands of comments. Made from a stuffed Grinch costume, mask and Santa hats, this tree gets top marks for festive-themed creativity.

Don’t Put Christmas Lights On Palm Trees

Palm Christmas Tree.jpg

And finally, this unconventional tree is an excellent reminder that if you’re living in a tropical climate and thinking of erecting a Christmas tree, maybe stick to the classic evergreen.


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