The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 2

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 2

Welcome back to our weekly meme round-up, where we scour the internet for the funniest and most wholesome content so you don’t have to. For as long as memes exist, we’ll endeavour to bring them to you.

Check back each week for a regular top-up of unusual, adorable and hilarious content! You can check out last week’s round-up here: Meme Round-Up Volume 1

1. This meme deserves a plaque

Lethal weapon

2. Without challenge, there is no victory

3. Great paw-eye coordination

Great paw-eye coordination

4. Fetch 101

5 .Chew-Chew, All Aboard!

6. Gender reveal gone wrong

Gender reveal gone wrong

7. Small victories

Small victories meme

8. It’s not what it looks like

9. A glitch in the matrix?

10. An Unorthodox method

climb the stairs meme

11. From 0 to 60

12. It’s just unnecessary

unnecessary cheese meme

13. the master and apprentice

14. Learning lessons the hard way

Guinea pig haircut meme

15. playtime’s over

Just trying to help

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