Papergang December


For December’s Papergang box, we’ve teamed up with our very own in-house designer, Jade Walsh! Jade has been an important cog in the Ohh Deer machine and has been a part of the team for 5 years. And what better way to celebrate those years than with a Papergang box.

(This is your spoiler warning!!) We are going to take a sneaky look at some of the things in this months box and a snippet from our interview with Jade. You can read the full interview in this month’s box


What was your favourite item to design?

Definitely the calendar, it was such a lovely indulgent thing to work on!

This month's box includes the most artwork to date! What was your biggest inspiration when thinking of new, fresh designs for this edition?

Particularly this year, we all realised how important the little things are, and that the little things that bring us moments of joy are really the big things. The calendar is a celebration of that, so each month is inspired by a different day of the year (FYI Houseplant Appreciation Day is 10th January) and I picked the dates I thought were fun and made me smile. So whatever 2021 throws at us, if we can remember the little things, we’ll get through it!


You can head over to to get your hands on a box now!

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