Collection: Notebooks


Introducing our exclusive notebook collection, a captivating fusion of artistic expression and quality craftsmanship. Dive into a world of creativity with a stunning array of notebooks crafted by a diverse group of talented artists and illustrators.

Our collection boasts an assortment of finishes that cater to your every need, from the sleek and refined Perfect Bound, to the timeless elegance of Clothbound, and the practical and versatile Wiro binding.

These notebooks are not just blank canvases; they are works of art in themselves. The designs span the spectrum of aesthetics, ensuring there's something to resonate with everyone. Discover delicate florals that evoke natural beauty, charming and pretty motifs that brighten your day, or cute and whimsical illustrations that bring a smile to your face. If you prefer a touch of humour, we've got funny designs to tickle your funny bone. For those with a penchant for contemporary and stylish art, our collection includes designs that are sure to make a statement.

In a world that's becoming increasingly digital, our artist-inspired notebooks are an invitation to slow down, put pen to paper, and savour the tactile joy of writing and sketching. These notebooks don't just capture your thoughts; they enhance the experience of recording them.