Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Home Office

No matter how often you work from home, it’s important that you have a safe space in which to work, one where you can be productive yet stress free.


We’ve come up with some top tips on creating a safe space for your home office…



Lighting is Key


Ensure that you have adequate lighting for where you are working, especially if you will be looking at a screen all day. Ideally, sit near a window, but if this is not possible then you should have lots of soft lighting around you.


Gold bulb.jpg



Research shows that having natural greenery in your environment plays a big part in how you feel (and can also increase productivity by 15%!), so having a desk friendly plant is a great way to do this.


Terrazzo Plant Pot



Have a Brainstorming Corner


Often, your best ideas hit you when you’re away from your desk. However, you can get the creative juices flowing by dedicating time to brainstorming in your office. Keeping a pinboard with easy access to pens and notebooks is a great way to capture the idea as soon as it enters your brain - as well as giving you motivation to keep on working.

Add Warmth with Decor


One of the benefits of having your own home office, is that you can choose the decor to your tastes, which will make the space much more inviting. Research shows that 83% of people say that artwork is ‘important’ to their work environment, and we couldn’t agree more! Pick an energy inducing colour - such as yellow, red or orange. These colours help to give you energy and this will reflect in your work and mood.


Everything Is Going To Be Okay Art Print

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Invest in Organisational Storage


Nobody likes a messy desk, and a tidy desk often makes for a clear, tidy mind. But being organised doesn’t have to be ugly - whether it be a brightly coloured document tray, or a fun and quirky pencil case, all organisation is good organisation!


Busy Doing Nothing Pencil Case


And there we have it - our top tips to a safe and inviting work space! What else do you do to keep your workspace a happy one? Let us know or tag us in your workspace photos over on Instagram!

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