How to Overcome Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there - sitting at our laptops or notebooks and our brains turn to mush. And no matter how hard you try to get the creativity out on paper, it doesn’t happen.


We’ve put together some tips on how to beat Creative or Writer’s block - whether you’re an author, illustrator, designer, student or blogger - these tips will help you!


Practice Freewriting


Pens and notebooks at the ready - it’s time to get everything in your mind out onto paper. Start to write down every single thought that you have that’s taking space in your brain - from your to-do list, to ideas that you want to write, down to your shopping list. This will help you to free up space in your mind to think about what matters, and might even help you to make sense of it all!


Do Something Creative


Get the creative juices flowing to help with your Writer’s block. Whether that be doing some painting, colouring, drawing, editing on Photoshop - anything that allows you to not think and just do.



Remove Distractions


Often, writer’s block can come from having too many distractions around you. Remove them all, and if that means turning your Wifi off, then so be it. Turn your phone off, log out of emails, close the door on the dirty dishes, and dedicate half an hour to the task in hand.


Get Your Heart Pumping


And no, we don’t mean from the anxiety of having the Wifi turned off. Instead, move your body - this can help clear and relax your mind, which will in turn help you when you return to your desk. Go for a walk or run, put on some tunes and have a dance, or do a HIIT workout.


Change Your Environment


Your environment has a lot to answer for, and this includes your motivation. If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day long, it’s likely that you’ll lose interest in what you’re doing. Instead, mix up you



Forget about Pressure


Losing motivation can sometimes come from comparing yourself to others, or feeling pressure to create something amazing the first time around. However, it’s important that you don’t force yourself to be creative, and instead take some time out, and come back to it later in the day.






Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t concentrate. But don’t beat yourself up. Inspiration will come to you out of nowhere, so in the meantime, use the tips above (or just do something to take your mind off things), and before you know it - writer’s block will be beaten!

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