5 BEST Things To Do This Valentine's Day

February 14th. A day dedicated to romance and making your special someone feel especially special. We’re here to inspire you this Valentine’s Day, to get your creative and romantic juices (although that one sounds slightly gross) flowing. We’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Things To Do This Valentine’s Day. That’s FIVE great date ideas for every kind of couple.


It’s straightforward enough to pick out a card, it might even be easy for you to find the perfect gift (particularly for those who read our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide *wink wink*) but whether you’re a couple sharing your first Valentine’s together or even a pair who have been with one another so long that you're running out of ideas, it can be quite tricky to figure out what to DO on Valentine’s Day… that’s where we come in!


So, without further ado… let’s get into the guide! 


  • Go to the Cinema


Ah, the cinema. There’s nothing quite like it. Sit back, relax and watch a movie with snacks you’ve snuck in to avoid paying 10 quid for a small popcorn and a flat medium coke… was that shady? Oops! There’s a reason why people in, like, EVERY book, TV show and movie ever go to the cinema on their first date… it’s romantic! Sitting together, hand in hand… maybe a cheeky arm over the shoulder. You get to enjoy a movie in the company of one another. It’s PERFECT!


And, of course, it is very rare to have a bad experience at the cinema. There are two options when you really think about it. Watch an incredible movie and, therefore, have an amazing time OR watch a TERRIBLE movie and have a hilarious time. It’s like a roulette with movies these days and that’s the fun part! 


So, what’s on at the cinema? Well, you’ll be excited to know that there’s some great stuff on at the moment! For those that are still young at heart or perhaps want to reminisce about their younger days with their loved one, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish. Now, now… hear me out! This movie is potentially one of the best pieces, if not THE best piece of media you will ever lay your eyes on. Do not underestimate Puss In Boots. There is no risk of disappointment when watching a kids’ movie ESPECIALLY when said movie has been created by DreamWorks. It’s guaranteed to have humour. Emotion. Action. What more could you want? 



Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Movie Poster



Then there’s Knock at the Cabin for the Horror/Thriller/Mystery lovers, you know, the people with immaculate taste in movies. This film features huge actors such as David Bautista and Jonathon Groff (yes, Kristoff from Frozen and that one absolute, and excuse my language here, arse from Glee… can you believe they’re the same person, by the way?).


According to IMDb, the plot goes as follows: ‘While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse.’ honestly sounds pretty fascinating and would most importantly make a great trip to the cinema this Valentine’s Day! This movie is coming to cinemas February 3rd, so if you don’t have the time to celebrate on the 14th, especially with it being on a pesky Tuesday this year - you’ve got plenty of time to take your partner out before and after. That’s the beauty of choosing a cinema date! 



Knock at the Cabin Movie Poster



And, finally, of course, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the perfect movie to see on Valentine’s Day… KIDDING, OBVIOUSLY.  Magic Mike is most definitely not the move here. Do not take your partner to see Magic Mike people… unless you two are into watching half naked men dance I suppose. I’m not here to judge. 


  • Have a Movie Night In 

OK, so, maybe cinemas aren’t for you. You never know if the film is going to be good. Maybe you’re into the classics. Perhaps you’re not a fan of the films showing right now. Well, my friends, God gifted us Netflix for a reason. 

Imagine this. Cosy night in. Snacks. Hot chocolate. Movie. PJs. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? You can watch whatever you want in the comfort of your own home. If you’re feeling extra naughty, why not pig out on snacks and a takeaway? 

A night like this is the perfect excuse to try out some weird snacks with your loved one, like our Joe & Seph's Marmite Popcorn or Gnaw Raspberry & Chilli Chocolate Bar. Maybe even try something a little more luxurious, yet still affordable, like Gnaw Hot Chocolate or Pink Gin Truffles. 


Joe & Seph Marmite Flavoured Popcorn


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Gnaw Raspberry & Chilli Flavoured Chocolate


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GNAW Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Stirrer With Marshmallows


GNAW Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Stirrer With Marshmallows



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Love Cocoa Pink Gin Truffles



Pink Gin Truffles


On the subject of food, since our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Blog, we’ve got some new great gifts in, including hilarious, novelty sweets for your sweetheart - Sweet Tits, Nice Balls. You name it, we’ve got it! Sweets, that is, not balls. 


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  • Cook Them a Nice Homemade Meal!


Nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a nice homemade meal. And if your love language is acts of service, then this might be the ideal date for you! Whether you're a cook or not, this gesture can go a long way. It’s one of the sure-fire ways to make your partner feel adored. Cook their favourite meal! Do up the room all romantic, candles and all. Whip out your best plates, glasses and cutlery. Go above and beyond, it’s Valentine's Day! 


For those not too experienced at cooking or want to perhaps advance their skills, why not buy a recipe book? New to our store, we have Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, People, Places, Love (quite a lengthy title, I know) written by none other than the Pizza Pilgrims themselves. This book not only includes 30 recipes to impress and satisfy your pizza-loving partner, but some other great, fascinating content including world records, pizza facts and movie scenes! 


Pizza: History, Recipes, Stories, People, Places, Love Written By Pizza Pilgrims


PIZZA: History, Recipes, Stories, People, Places, Love

  • Arts and Crafts


You don’t need to be artistically gifted to enjoy arts and crafts. It’s a super fun activity, especially with your other half! Whether you choose to paint, create clay sculptures or get a little crafty, I guarantee you both will be in for an unforgettable night. Add a bottle of wine to the mix and you’re sorted. Classy, elegant and fun! 


Artful School In a Box: Let's Learn Clay


Artful School In a Box: Let's Learn Watercolours


Need more inspiration than that? Something to get your creative juices really flowing? Well, have you ever seen those TikTok videos where couples, sometimes friends, challenge each other to draw one another? They’re amazing and always look like such good fun! This alone would make such an incredible date. 


Craft supplies can be expensive and art supplies even more so, but luckily for you, if this sort of date is the sort of thing you’re into, we have just what you’re looking for! Our artful boxes act as a starter kit for anyone who wants to experiment with a particular medium, from gouache to coloured pencils and, better yet, are totally affordable! 


Artful Art School In a Box: Let's Learn Gouache


Artful Art School In a Box: Let's Learn Coloured Pencils


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If art isn’t yours or your partner’s thing, we also have some more crafty items available on our site, including our craft bundle, which is currently a whopping 64% off! It contains everything you need to get in touch with your creative side and, most importantly, a fab time with your loved one, not only this Valentine’s Day but any other day too! 


Ohh Deer Craft Bundle


The Craft Bundle


  • Puzzle Night


Some people prefer a night of relaxation and quiet. And, let’s be honest, regular telly just doesn’t do it at the moment and Netflix gets a little bit… repetitive. In that case, maybe puzzles are more your thing. Puzzles are a great activity for you and your partner! They’re fun, yet peaceful and allow you to spend undivided quality time with one another. What more could you want on a day all about romance? It’s a perfect date for the introverts who aren’t a fan of restaurants and cinemas filled with huge groups of people. I get it. I’m one of those people. 


We have puzzle designs for everyone! From animal-themed puzzles to plant ones. Colourful puzzles to… penis puzzles… OK, maybe that last one is a little less for straight men and lesbians and a little better suited to our gays and theys. Anyways, let’s not get distracted by genitals! My point is that any combination of these items guarantees a wonderful, romantic night with your special person and our selection of each of these product types is so large that you can tweak it any way you’d want it to fit you and your partner.


Combine this with some snacks, maybe a glass of wine and you’re all set for a wonderful, romantic night! 


Print Club London x Luckies Barbican Conservatory Puzzle


Cloudberries Symmetry 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Funny Novelty Penis Puzzle


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And, with that, we come to the end of our list of the BEST 5 Things To Do This Valentine’s Day. We hope that we’ve inspired you to take your partner on a date they won’t forget this February 14th! Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials or store for information regarding more products to come and check out our fabulous Valentine’s Day card range for funny, cute and fabulous cards as well as our previous Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for, well, gift inspiration! 


We wish you and your partner a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with steamy romance ;) 


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