7 Ways To Survive Christmas With The Family

Christmas is the time of celebration, sharing and enjoyment. It also brings out some of the more reclusive family members, those people that you only have the pleasure of socialising with once a year - and even then, that can be more than enough.

If anyone comes to mind while you’re reading this, then we might be able to help. We’ve compiled seven pointers to help you endure through the company of those difficult family members this Christmas.


1. Get Super Drunk

Tis’ the season for it! Christmas is the perfect excuse to start drinking as early as you like - no questions asked. You can check out our boozy gifts if you need any assistance with this. The only downside is the hangover the next day, but by then, you’ll have made it through Christmas Day. Although, you might not remember much of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on who you ask.


2. Go for a ‘lie-down’

“I think I ate too much, I’m going for a lie-down.” It’s a classic line, and the chances are it will probably be true anyway. But if it isn’t, it’s a great excuse to escape the family for a few hours. Sometimes you just need a break from everyone to recharge. And, of course, you don’t actually have to go for a lie-down, you can do whatever you want.


3. Put your favourite Christmas songs on (full blast


spotify pure shit.jpg


If you can’t hear them, they can’t hear you, right? Crank the music up loud enough so you can’t hear anyone talk! They’ll be singing along in no time. Or is that shouting? Oh well. Every problem can be solved through the power of music!


4. Wear your ugliest Christmas jumper

Ugly Jumper Competition.png


If you don’t own one, they’re usually pretty easy to come by around this time of year. Make sure you pick out the ugliest one possible in the hopes that it might detract away any unwanted attention. Although, it’s entirely possible this might have the opposite effect and attract lots of attention. If that’s the case, I’m afraid we can’t be held liable.

5. Spend that hard-earned Christmas cash

four months of Jan.png


Money and gift cards are probably the most common present. As people get older, they get harder to buy for. It saves so much hassle to just stick a bit of cash into an envelope and be done with it. Most people are happier to receive it as a gift anyway. A bit of online shopping makes for a great way to kill some time on Christmas Day. Plus, there are sure to be plenty of deals knocking about. For example, why not check out Ohh Deer’s?


6. Talk to your family



As a very last resort, you could always try to strike up some friendly conversation with your family. You never know, Auntie Dawn might not actually turn out to be such a bitch. Christmas is the time for miracles, after all.

7. Have AN excuse at the ready


It always gets to a certain point where you just want to leave. You’ve eaten and drank as much as you can, the presents have been exchanged, and you’ve used up all of your small talk - it’s time to leave. Make sure your excuse is primed and ready so you can hastily make your retreat! Having to get up early the next day for whatever reason is usually a solid one, or you might have to return some videotapes?



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