Working for Ohh Deer: A Day In The Life

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to work here at Ohh Deer? Well, I’m here to spill it all! The love, the hate, the juicy gossip and who could forget the sheer amount of office drama?! 


I’m kidding, of course. 


I’ve been working for the company for just over 2 months now and I should say (without getting overly soppy, ew gross) I’ve never felt at home anywhere as much as I do there, and in such a small amount of time too. There is such a lovely team of people, behind the scenes so to speak, putting as much love, time and commitment into the products being put out as they possibly can. It’s a lovely environment. 


But let’s stop with the cute stuff (because I’m totally much cooler than I’ve led on already - I swear!) and let’s jump into my day here at Ohh Deer as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. 


Come to work with me! 


I start my day pretty much the exact same as the next - I get dressed, do my hair and makeup and brush my teeth. I will add that we don’t have a uniform, which is a total blessing. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but who doesn’t want to wear comfy clothes to work? And then, of course, it’s only essential to have a bowl of Weetabix each morning before you go to work. There is nothing that compares to the taste of Weetabix and bananas. I stand by that - and, Weetabix, if you’re reading this, you should totally sponsor me. 


Anyway… let’s get into the thing you actually came here for; work stuff! My average day involves the scheduling of our social media accounts - I currently post on Ohh Deer, Papergang and Artful. Now, I know what you’re thinking and… yes, it’s me. I am, in fact, the bearer of all those brilliant memes and dog videos you all seem to love so much. No need to thank me. 


I’m tasked to create and plan a month’s worth of content for all three of these accounts - this involves mostly stories and posts. This process can be pretty time consuming, especially with Ohh Deer since I have to search the internet long and hard to find the perfect memes and videos for our wonderful and loyal followers (okay, toning it down now). Thankfully, there’s a lovely team of people at the office who create the content for Papergang and Artful for me - they take beautiful lifestyle pictures of our products for me to post and they look incredible on the feed. May I also say that I’m also now in charge of posting the daily artful challenges and after 31 days of new ideas, my creative juices are definitely no longer flowing. Any ideas? 


When I plan for these three companies, I've taught myself to become a different person for each individual account (that sounded so incredibly dramatic). When I’m scheduling for Ohh Deer I’m a funny, silly person trying to make people laugh and smile; Papergang, I focus on aesthetics and promoting our products, and with Artful I’m, well, artsy.


Then I move onto scheduling posts. Now, this is terrifying to do. You haven’t felt true fear until you’ve posted something at that moment instead of scheduling it a month in advance. Obviously, I’ve never felt that fear because I’m a great employee that does her job perfectly, but I’ve heard a… friend say her heart stops, it makes my…I mean.. their stomach sink. Scheduling isn’t too tricky but it, once again, can be very time-consuming. I like to check when the most optimal times to post are so we can reach as many of you as possible. I say check because social media is constantly changing, so posting at 11am on a Tuesday might be great now, but a horrible idea next month. 


Aside from the typical social media planning, I’m also involved in a bunch of cool projects around the office. Every Thursday we have a TikTok day where we spend an hour scrolling through TikTok, a meeting to brainstorm and the rest of the day filming - sounds fun, right? And if you want to watch our videos and support us, you should totally give us a follow (@ohhdeer). 


Do it. Do it now.


Sometimes I get involved with arts and crafts if content is needed for our magazine or feed. On Monday they had me create a clay giraffe… I wouldn’t say mine was a giraffe though, maybe a very large snake or perhaps a really tall horse. I hope never to see that monstrosity ever again. 


And with that, I come to the end of my day. Although, I did kind of go off on a bit of a tangent, maybe it was more of a week… OK, a month! I get it, I waffle! 


If you enjoy this sort of content, let us know so we can dive into some other roles here. We’re looking at posting blogs a lot more frequently, so keep an eye out for that!


Want to see what a day in the life of a Marketing Apprentice looks like? Watch our TikTok here:


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