A Gift Guide For The Artist

Christmas is around the corner and that can only mean one thing. Everyone is in a mad rush to find and buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. It can be stressful, we know. And that’s exactly why we’ve created several gift guides, one for every kind of person, just for you! 

If you’re reading this, you have a specific special someone in mind. Someone creative and artsy. Well, luckily for you my friend, we just so happen to be a creative and artsy brand with a huge selection of creative and artsy products! 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into our Gift Guide For The Artist…

The Aspiring Artists

We’ll begin with gift ideas for the Aspiring Artists out there. Those who live and breathe art. Those who are quite frankly great at what they do! Art can be… an expensive hobby, to say the least and, boy, does it run out fast! But for us gift givers, that’s exactly what we want! What better than the ability to give your special someone a gift they need and, better yet, love? 


Artful boxes. Artful boxes are incredibly popular amongst our more artsy followers, people love them! For those who might not know what an artful box is, it’s essentially a box filled with all the essentials for your chosen medium. We have several options of these boxes available, one perfect for every kind of artist. From calligraphy to gouache, pastels to watercolour and so much more! 


For a better idea of what these boxes have to offer, here are the contents of each theme. And for those who aren’t interested, feel free to proceed to the next part of the gift guide! 

Our Calligraphy Box contains 8x Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens, 5x Tombow Twin Tone Dual-Tip Markers, a Tombow MONO Eraser, a Tombow MONO 100 Graphite Lead HB Pencil, a Tombow A4 Bristol 250gsm Drawing Pad, an Artful magazine and 4x Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes.


Our Lino Print Box contains an Artful magazine, an Artful A4 25 sheet premium cartridge paper pad, a 100mm brayer (roller), a 100ml Essdee block printing ink in red and black, 10 lino cutting tools with handle, 3 sheets of 150x200mm easy cut linoleum and 1 sheet of acetate.


Our Screen Printing Box has an Artful aluminium 80T white mesh screen, 4x Artful 100ml screen printing acrylic paints, an Artful 29.5ml Masking Fluid, an Artful No.2 round brush, an Artful squeegee, an Artful mixed stencil set, an Artful mixed media paper pad, 4 x Artful blank greeting cards & envelopes and an Artful screen printing magazine. 


Our Pastel Box has a set of 24 Artful soft pastels, a set of 6 Artful pastel pencils, an Artful putty rubber, an Artful 4H pencil, an Artful premium mixed media paper pad - 25 sheets in 300gsm, 4x Artful blank greeting cards & envelopes, an Artful no.11 Filbert paint brush, a set of 3 Artful paper blending stumps and an Artful pastel magazine. 


Our Watercolour Box has a set of 24 Artful watercolour half pans and a transportable tin (this tin can then open out to provide several areas which can be used to mix colours), an (exclusive to Artful) Daler Rowney 29.5ml masking fluid, an Artful F pencil, a pipette, 5 artist brushes, a paper pad and blank greeting cards.



Our Gouache Box contains 12x Gouache Paints, 1x Set of 4 Paintbrushes, 1 x A4 Mixed Media Pad, 1 x A4 Print, 1 x F Pencil, 3 x Greeting Cards and an Artful Magazine.



And, finally, our Colouring Pencil Box contains 36 Boxed Colouring Pencils, a Dual Pencil Sharpener, a 20cm Metal Ruler, an eraser, 3x Pencils (HB, 6B, 6H), an A5 Colour Grid, an A5 Art Print, 4x Blank Greeting Cards an A4 Sketch Pad and an Artful Magazine. 



Artful Boxes from £39.95 


These particular boxes are great for those just starting out with a medium or perhaps a new artist all together! And, it doesn’t end there. We also have upgrade boxes available for each theme which contain a whole lot more equipment! These are perfect for those, again, just starting out in and in need of all the essentials or even those more experienced artists who just need a top up. Bottom line is, any one of these boxes would make the perfect gift for any artist this Christmas! 











Artful Upgrade Boxes From £24.95


Or, if you don’t want to commit to the entire box, why not buy your loved one an artful magazine? These magazines are great for those starting out with a new medium or perhaps even those wanting to begin their artistic journey entirely! Each magazine is dedicated to a particular medium and offers a walkthrough into the process. They contain 100 pages of tutorials from professional artists, templates and all sorts of inspiration! 



Artful Magazine - £7.95 

We also have our famous Daily Drawing Challenge Sketchbook available in both black and multicoloured. A daily sketchbook is essentially a 6 month creative journal and will challenge your loved one to draw every day, improving their artistic skill greatly. This makes it a great gift for any new artist or perhaps anyone who loves art but can’t fit creating an entire piece into their day (understandable). This book is suitable to be used with pencil, colouring pencils, pens and pastels. Have fun experimenting and watch your style evolve.


Your loved one, with this journal, can then choose what they sketch every day or, if they don't feel particularly inspired, they can always join our Artful community over on Instagram where inspiration is shared and the daily drawing challenges are set!



Black Daily Drawing Challenge Sketchbook (also available in multicoloured!) - £12.95


This gift is harmonious beside our Sketchbook Idea Generator, too! This unique mix-and-match book that generates thousands of ideas for tackling a blank sketchbook page. The pages of this book are divided into three separate sections that can be flipped, mixed, and matched to generate more than 100,000 unique sketchbook prompts. Ideal for any artist in an artistic slump!



Sketchbook Idea Generator - £14.95


This next gift idea is perfect for an artist looking to either begin their collection of art supplies or replacing their current set. Why not pick up this Artful 15 Brush Set and Roll Case Bundle? Our Artful paintbrushes are by far one of our most praised products, people love them! And, more importantly, in what world would any artist ever be upset to receive a fancy new brush set for Christmas? None, that’s the answer! 


Not to mention the fact these brushes are worth a whopping £153.96 individually, that’s a huge 67% off saving (but that’s a secret just between you and me).


For those wondering, this set contains a Polyester roll bag case and 15 Artful paint brushes which include a No.1 Detail Round, a No.2 Long Point Round, a No.3 Round, a No.4 Point Round, a No.5 Point Round, a No.6 Angle, a No.7 Angle, a No.8 Flat, a No.9 Flat, a No.10 Filbert, a No.11 Filbert, a No.12 Fan, a No.13 Flat, a No.14 Flat and a No.15 Filbert. 



Artful 15 Brush Set & Roll Case - £49.95 


Perhaps you’re looking for art supplies without an entire bundle attached to it, maybe just some replacement equipment for your creative loved one. If so, I have just the products for you!

You can purchase 24 Artful Watercolour Half Pans, including the transportable tin we mentioned earlier. This set includes a variety of high quality and pigmented which contains colours such as Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Orange, Red, Cadmium Red, Rose Red, Magenta, Violet, Paynes Grey, Coal Black, Titanium White, Turquoise, Sea Blue, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green, Hookers Green, Tree Green, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Umber, Burnt Sienna & Brown.



24 Artful Watercolour Half Pans - £49.95


On the subject of individual art supplies, without the bundle, we also have a set of 36 Artful Colouring Pencils! This pack of 36 incredibly vibrant oil-based colouring pencils are just what every artist needs to start their art journey. Artful have carefully chosen the colour palette so it is wide enough for you to use for any of your artistic projects. You can easily make a range of other shades and hues if you layer up your pencils on top of one another.

Either of these high quality art products would make an incredible and unforgettable gift for any art lover! 



Artful 36 Colouring Pencil Set - £44.95


Finally, to bring the Aspiring Artist segment to an end, we have our Set of 12 Tombow ABT Grey Colours Brush Pens. With two tips, a brush tip and a fine tip for maximum creativity,  the fine tip is mainly used when drawing exact lines and the second tip is a flexible brush tip. These water-based colours are ideal for hand lettering, water colouring and illustrations and are used religiously by some of the most popular artists who partake in our daily challenge! They seem to be favoured by a lot of artists, both new and experienced! 





Tombow ABT Grey Colours Brush Pens - £34.95


The Stationery Addict

This next section is for the stationery addicts and yes, before you argue, I would consider these wonderful people both artistic and creative! So, if you’re loved one loves pens, pencils, notebooks and gets excited for all things stationery, read on! 

Papergang boxes. Papergang boxes make quite literally the perfect gift for anyone who fits into this category. And, once again for those who might not know, Papergang is Ohh Deer's way of expressing a deep rooted obsession with papery goodness! These boxes are filled with stationery which include products from pens, to notebooks to pencil cases! 

And, if you like the idea of stationery boxes, you can sign up for a MYSTERY monthly Papergang subscription! Each month you will receive a box filled with brilliant stationery. The product selection will vary but the best part is you will never get a repeat box; each month will be designed by a different artist and a brand new theme!

If you’re quick enough, right now you can get your first stationery box for free. You read that right. FREE! 



Papergang Boxes From £19.95 or FREE Trial

Carrying on with the stationery loving, borderline addiction, theme we have our large selection of notebooks! These notebooks are available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. Personalised or… not personalised? There’s a notebook for quite literally every kind of person. Take your pick! 




Creative Juices A4ish Notebook - £5.95 




Plans For World Domination A4ish Notebook - £5.95




These last two products are the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys scrapbooking. The first being this adorable set of four double-ended colouring pens! One end is a fine liner to write with and the other a felt tip making it perfect for anyone who uses a planner, journal or diary!



Colouring Pens Set of 4 - £3.95

And, once again, to end this section for your stationery loving loved ones, I introduce you to the Tombow Beginner’s Lettering Set. This set from Tombow is great fun and can be used for a range of purposes! With a little practice, the “art of beautiful lettering” can be learnt by anyone. It’s perfect for any scrapbooker or artist! 



Tombow Beginners Lettering Set - £16.95 

The Fun Artist

Okay, I admit, this title isn’t the best of three but it’s exactly what it says on the tin! This weird and wonderful selection of products is perfect for anyone fun and artistic! And, let me tell you, you’re going to want to stay tuned for the last one. 

We have a huge variety of art prints, with silly to straight up gorgeous designs! Available in a selection of sizes, these prints are bound to make a great gift any artistic person would be ecstatic to receive. There are so many prints to choose from that I’ll just let you see for yourself! Here are *just a few* of our favourite prints we have to offer! 




Art Prints From £5.95

This next product is the perfect novelty gift for the badass crafter in your life, the Crafty B***h Enamel Pin. Any crafty loved one is sure to absolutely adore this present and, since it’s so affordable, it makes a great stocking filler, too! 




Crafty B***h Enamel Pin - £5.95 



Is your special someone the sort of artsy person that loves embroidery and crochet? If yes, we have just the gift selection for you! We have a massive range of embroidery kits with a variety of different designs from sweet homely messages to gorgeous witchy designs… and then there’s the straight up hilarious ones that are guaranteed to make your loved ones giggle, like our “Don’t Be a D**k” Embroidery Kit. Take a look at just a few of the ones we have to offer! 





Embroidery Kits From £8.95


As I mentioned before, we also have a few crochet kits for those crafty people in your life! Fruit, plants and cats. What more could you want in a crochet design? 





Crochet Kits From £8.25

And, finally, to bring our Gift Guide For The Artist to an end, we bring you the God of all gifts. The cherry on top of the cake. The magnificent… Bob Ross Celebrity Prayer Candle. Take all my money, I’ll take them all. If your loved one loves Bob Ross as much as we do, this is a must have this Christmas. Who are we kidding? Everyone loves Bob Ross! Buy your special someone this candle and they will be eternally grateful, forever in your favour. Guaranteed. 




Bob Ross Celebrity Prayer Candle - £22.95 



With that admittedly odd end to any blog post I’ve ever written, we come to an end of our Gift Guide For The Artist! We sure hope through this article you’ve been able to find the perfect gift for your artsy loved one. And for those in dire need of help searching for inspiration for more than just the art lover, why not check out our other gift guides where we break down our top picks for gifts for the plant lover, animal lover and food lover? Available on our blog page! 

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