Christmas Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve clicked on this blog for one reason and one reason only. You have an awkward friend to buy for. You’ve bought for everyone else (or at least know exactly what you're going to get them), but you don’t know what to get for that person that quite literally has everything. Worry not, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a gift guide for the hard to buy for, so without further ado, let’s get into it…




Sure, they might have candles, but have they got Dip Dye Neon Fruit Salad Candles? We doubt it!
This trio of candles is so cute they'll never want to light them. But that's okay because they make ace decorative items. Plus, they're vegan and made without palm oil!




    We’ve all been there, spending more time finding something to watch than watching something, only to be left short on time for the program or film you finally decide upon. 

    Dice-Flix is the solution! Each roll of the dice will select a movie or TV show for you, so you can enjoy the suspense of the unknown and save yourself from the inevitable doomscrolling that accompanies most sofa nights!




    We all love cheese, but how many of us have an oven glove to boot? Our ‘F*ck I love Cheese’ Oven Mitt has you covered (sadly not in cheese); and for those that are often fed up of answering what herbs and spices they’ve added to their speciality dish, our Parsley, Sage & F*ck Off Oven Mitt is also available.





    After all that bad language, our next recommendation is SOAP. No one can have too much soap, and I doubt even if they did, that they have too much beard soap. This one is natural, vegan and totally plastic-free so it'll make your fave bearded friends feel ‘well’ special.





    ‘My Dear… you have the GRIM!’ This gift is for the weird and wonderful! 

    These Tea Leaf Reading Cards make an incredible gift for those who love all things witchy. Reading tea leaves is an ancient skill that can be easily mastered with the help of these cards. Your loved one will be able to learn all about the different zones of the teacup, common symbols and their meanings to find out what the future has in store!





    The perfect gift for a cat parent who doesn't mind swearing, these stylish socks are comfy and plain epic! All cats are cool AF really…

    We also have My Dog is Cool AF Socks available for all the dog lovers!





    Ever sat down to a meal that looks too good to eat, well in the case of these bath noodles; you really should avoid eating them; but they make for a lovely bath! They’re vegan, 100% natural and smell fresh and herby, packaged in 100% compostable packaging, these bath noodles aren’t a throwaway novelty gift.




    As you’ll have grasped by now; we ‘Can’t Stop’ with the puns throughout this blog, however, we’re near the end though so it’ll soon be water ‘Under the Bridge’.

    A cheeky take on the ol' plant grow kits, I’m sure the person that has everything doesn’t have their very own willy peppers - yes, they are a thing. Probably best not to Google it though, just in case.... 

    This kit is super easy to use and will help them grow 'Peter pepper chilies' (a more googleable term) which incidentally look a bit like, you know…




    This t-shirt speaks for itself. Perfect for those mates who can't even keep a succulent alive... Be warned: this tee is going faster than that last house plant they thought they could keep alive.




    Our Mini Plant Life Support is perhaps the perfect complimentary gift to the tee above. Designed to slowly self-water plants, it's perfect for those who keep forgetting to water their houseplants!




    Because there's no such thing as too much chocolate, you can always treat them to our deliciously unusual Gnaw Chocolate Bars! These luxurious bars are handcrafted and come in a collection of yummy flavours like Gin &Tonic, Chocolate Brownie and Honeycomb.


    You can browse our full selection of Christmas Gifts for 2023 here. And if you're looking for gifts for someone who loves stationery or art, browse our Papergang boxes here and our Artful boxes here.

    Happy (Christmas) shopping!


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