A Gift Guide for The Plant Lover

It’s November, you know that means. The mad rush for Christmas begins. Everyone’s in a hurry to find the perfect gift, products are flying off the shelves before you can even get your sights on them and before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you have a grand total of 3 gifts between the 27 loved ones you originally had in mind. 

OK, perhaps we’re being a little dramatic. What I’m trying to say is … the holiday season is stressful. Especially when you have absolutely no idea where to even begin when buying gifts for those special people in your life. 

But one thing’s for sure! You found this article, you’re reading this now, because you have someone in mind. A plant lover. And you need our help finding the perfect gift for your plant loving friend. 

Look no further! Here is our Gift Guide for The Plant Lover.


The Growers

OK, hold your horses you filthy people! This section is for the PLANT growers. Those who love to tend to their gardens and grow fruit, veg and plants. The more serious of the three categories. If your special someone is a grower (I’m just messing with you now) then this section is perfect for you! 


Plant misters are the ideal present for someone who has a collection of small house plants, cacti or succulents. This handy little product will keep their plant babies refreshed and well-hydrated and ensures they aren’t overwatered!




Less for growers and more for those who just love to decorate their home with plant life, these Terracotta Vase Collars will help your special someone display the perfect sized bouquet! Simply pop it on top of a mason jar and let the collar do the rest of the work.



Terracotta Vase Collars - £19.95 


Planters and plant pots are always a great go to gift for any plant lover and what’s better than just your standard plant pot/planter? A novelty one of course! We have a huge range of quirky designs available on our store, from those that are more abstract to ones shaped like a dog! In fact, I guarantee we have a design fit for any type of person. Take a look at just a few of the many we have to offer! 



Toki Plant Pot (available in a variety of colours!) - £12.95



Mini Cat's Whiskers Terracotta Planter (available in white!) - £6.50



Barney The Dog Planter - £6.95 




Small Orange and Cobalt Geometric Plant Pot (also available in mustard and pink!) - £17.50 





Boobies Hanging Planter - £8.95 


And finally, the holy grail of all presents for any gardener… a Grower’s Gardening Journal. This journal allows the plant lover in your life to track all things plant baby. Their growth, whether they’ve been watered - the list goes on. These journals are a must have for any gardener; experienced or new! 




Growers Gardening Journal - £12.95


Novelty Plant Lovers

These next few gifts are for those who love novelty items. Lovers of all things unique, quirky and fun. 


Grow Kits make an incredible gift. Even if they're more of a joke present like our Red Hot Willy Peppers, they’ll always be at least practical! We have a huge variety of grow kits available on our store. From plants to veggies, from veggies to coffee - we have a grow kit for every type of plant lover!



Grow Your Own Red Hot Willy Peppers - £10.95 



Grow Your Own Chilli - £6.25 




Cactus Growing Kit - £11.50



Grow It Growsecco - £13.50



Grow It Succulents - £13.50


On the subject of novelty products, this next item is by far one of the cutest on our list. Our Chemistry Terrarium. Have you ever seen anything like it? This terrarium has everything you need to create a mini ecosystem; coir, sand, activated charcoal and pebbles. All your plant lover friend has to do is house a plant of their choice, cactus or succulent! Why not let that special someone unleash their inner scientist this Christmas?


Chemistry Terrarium Kit - £29.95


Perhaps the person you have in mind loves their house plants but always seems to forget to water them? If yes, a self-watering system might just be the gift you’re looking for! This smart little contraption slowly waters plants over 3-4 days, ensuring they are perfectly hydrated in the process! 


Water From a Stone Self-Watering System - £14.95 


So, we know this person you have in mind is a plant lover but how do they feel about puzzles? We have a few varieties of plant puzzles available on our store. Why not give them the gift that is the peace and quiet only a puzzle will allow?



Print Club London x Luckies Barbican Conservatory Puzzle - £18.95 



Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle - £16.95


Crafty Plant Lovers

And, finally, our crafty plant lovers. For those wonderful humans who are both earthy and artsy! 


If your loved one fits into this category, why not buy them a Cacti DIY Crochet Kit? Each pack contains 25 grams of light green, green and dark brown cotton, 10 grams of dark pink cotton, stuffing material, 3 terracotta pots and, of course, a pattern guide. Crochet hook not included! 



Cacti DIY Crochet Kit - £15.95 


Maybe your crafty, plant loving friend loves their stationery? If so, we have the perfect gift for you. A notebook! Anyone who loves stationery will know just how fast you will get through a notebook, and that’s exactly why it’s so ideal! We have a design perfect for every type of person, from jungle-esque prints to pretty, pink rose designs. Take a look for yourself at just a few of our many options!


60's Retro Floral A4ish Notebook - £5.95 



Tea Rose A4ish Notebook - £5.95 



Sweet Pea Stripe A4ish Notebook - £5.95


This next one is for the artistic plant lovers, a Flower Press Kit. This kit has everything you need to create your own, or perhaps in this case their own, flower press! In a nutshell, this kit is used to preserve the beautiful flowers your loved one might find which they can then use either as decoration or maybe even create art with! 


This kit includes 1 wooden flower press and  8 separating and pressing sheets.



Flower Press Kit - £11.95 


Along the lines of the last product, you could also buy your special someone a Mini Ikebana Kit. For those who might not know what that is, Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It’s the perfect gift, and the hobby itself is extremely peaceful! What more could you ask for this Christmas than a little bit of peace? 



Mini Ikebana Kit - £19.95 


With that, we come to an end of our Gift Guide for The Plant Lover. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life and, more importantly, we wish you a (very early) Merry Christmas from us at Ohh Deer! 


We have a few more gift guides to come out this month, so keep an eye out for those! 


And, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out our Gift Guide for The Animal Lover, linked below! 


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