A Sneak Peek Into The Screen Printing Artful Box

Let the Screen Printing Begin!

Prepare yourselves because this Artful box really is a good ’un. A theme that has been repeatedly requested, let us introduce the Artful Screen Printing Edition.

Our Screen Printing box contains a collection of premium acrylic paints and advanced resources worth over £85. Scroll on for a full breakdown of the contents.


Box Contents:


  • Artful Aluminum 80T White Mesh Screen - RRP £24.95

Our in-house screen printing guru knows a thing or two about the perfect screen, and this is the one for you.

This lightweight aluminum frame is strong and durable. It has 80 treads per cm.


  • 4 Artful 100ml Screen Printing Acrylic Paints - RRP £14 / £3.50 each

Black, Red, Yellow & Blue.

Each of the primary colours and black. This way you can make a range of other shades, should you want to get creative. (That's why we're here, after all!)

Our paints are highly pigmented and lightfast, which makes these acrylics the perfect solution for your at home screen printing.

Can also be used as regular acrylic paints.


  • Daler Rowney 29.5ml Masking Fluid - RRP £3.25

 When the product dries, it creates a waterproof barrier to stop paint from reaching the paper. This will be used to create the artwork you will be printing on your screen.

Masking fluid contains latex


  • Artful Squeegee - RRP £7.95

 L 130mm W 50D 9mm

 Used to pull ink across your screen - creating the print.


  • Artful Mixed Stencil Set RRP £3.50

 These vinyl stickers can be used to screen an assortment of shapes onto other objects.


  • Artful 2 Round Brush - RRP £5.95

 Our premium brushes have synthetic fibers and produce pin-sharp detail.


  • Artful Mixed Media Paper - RRP £14.50

 25 sheets of A4 300gsm acid free, premium heavyweight textured paper. Suitable for pencil, pen, watercolour, ink, calligraphy and pastels.


  • 4 Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes - RRP £4

 280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board, suitable for wet and dry media. Slight texture & kraft envelopes.


  • Artful Magazine - RRP £7.95

 Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials and inspiration.


Screen printing can have such varied results and we're excited to show you them. Please know that an 'at home' setup for screen printing will be very different to studio-based printing. Consider this box the gateway to inspiring you to do studio-based printing yourself.


Upgrade Box:

If screen printing is totally your cup of tea, then you can top-up your supplies with our upgrade box! This additional box contains...

  • 10m roll of masking tape

  • 4x 30ml Acrylic inks in green, orange, ultramarine blue and white

  • Spatula

  • 5x vinyl decals

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