Christmas Gift Guide: Boozy Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide: Boozy Gifts

We’ve curated a selection of some of our favourite products to help you out with your Christmas gifting this year. If you’re stumped on what to buy one of your friends (who’s over 18, of course) or need some inspiration, read on to see our top picks from our boozy category.

101 Legendary whiskies book.jpg

101 Legendary Whiskies Book

Whisky fan, or your dad is? The whisky guru that is big man Ian Buxton has written a book that gathers the finest and rarest whiskies in the world, along with their availability, producer and location. Of course it features whisky-tastic notes regarding origins and all sorts of whisky facts!

Beer socks.jpg

Beer Socks - Ale

Disclaimer: Soz this isn't actually a can of delicious amber ale... but, ale themed socks? Aren't you jealous you didn't think of the idea first? Perfect as a gift bag top up, or father's day present!

Grow it beer.jpg

Grow It Beer

Believe it or not, you can grown your own beer hops at home! All you need to do if follow the instructions and in no time you can hop your way to a lovely pint. This would make an ideal present for keen gardeners and those who love beer of course!

dry gin fizz gummies.jpg

Dry Gin Fizz Gummies

If you like a tipple and a treat then these delights from Sugar Sin are going to go down well! Infused with real gin, blended with lemon and topped with sweet and sour sugary fizz.

I like beer mystery box.jpg

I Like Beer Mystery Box

A mystery box filled with delights for that person in your life that loves Beer! Take the hassle out of buying a gift and let us do the hard work for you. If you like beer, it’s a no-brainer!

modern cocktail book.jpg

Modern Cocktail Book

The Talented Mr Fox follows the evolution of the modern bartender alongside the history of cocktails. This book also contains 60 delicious recipes for you to try at home. So whatever your tipple, gin, vodka, whiskey or cognac, Mr Fox will show you the perfect glass and aperitif to go with it!

mug of beer decoration.jpg

Mug of Beer Hanging Decoration

A Christmas decoration perfect for any quirky tree. Know a beer lover? Charmingly festive & a little different.

The G and T towel.jpg

The G & T Towel

With recipes for classic gin-based cocktails alongside tips on making the perfect G&T, this tea towel guide is just the tonic for your juniper-spirited needs.

Wine IQ game.jpg

Wine IQ

The ultimate game for wine lovers, Wine IQ includes 400 multiple-choice questions from vine to wine that will test and expand your knowledge of the classic refreshment. A fun game for the whole family! Well, maybe not the kids.

wine time coaster

Wine Time Coaster

It's the evening, you've gotten home from work and sorted out any life admin pending. What time is it? WINE TIME. Pop open that bottle, put your feet up and use this coaster for that glass full of grapey goodness!

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