Tutorial: Create Your Own Sunshine Art Print In Just 30 Minutes!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 30 Minutes 

You'll Need: Lino sheet, pencil, cutter, roller, acrylic paint, paper


  • Creating a Perfect Circle:

Take a cup or any circular object with the desired size and shape for your sun. Place the cup upside down on the lino block. Trace around the cup using a pencil or ballpoint pen to create a perfect circle. Inside the circle, draw the face or design you want for your sun. Use a pencil to create evenly spaced bands for the sun rays on the rest of the lino sheet.

Take a moment to identify the areas you want to cut away from the lino sheet to
create your design. Use an X or any marking method to indicate the areas that will be removed.


  • Cutting the Lino Sheet:

Select the finest of the lino cutting blades for the desired fine lines and details of the design. Begin cutting along the marked areas,remembering to always cut away from your body for safety.

Start with shallow cuts and gradually increase the depth as you become more comfortable with the shape.Take your time and ensure precision.
Start by cutting along the outline of each ray, maintaining smooth and even lines. Once the outline is complete, switch to a wider blade to remove larger areas.
Remember to cut shallowly first and increase the depth when you’re satisfied with the shape.


  • Rolling the Paint:

Pour a small amount of ink onto a non-porous surface, such as a glass or acrylic palette. As you can see, we used a tray. Use a palette knife or spoon to evenly spread the paint into line on the tray.

  • Applying Ink to the Lino Sheet:

Take the roller and roll it into the paint ensuring it is evenly coated. Roll the paint onto the surface of the lino sheet, covering the full area with paint. Apply even pressure and roll back and forth to achieve consistent coverage.


  • Printing the Design:

Place a sheet of printing paper on top of the inked lino sheet, ensuring it’s where
you want to print it, as you can’t move it once it is down.

Use the back of a spoon to gently rub the other side of the paper, Apply firm and even pressure to ensure a good print.

Carefully lift the printed paper from the lino block, revealing your printed design. Allow the print to dry completely.


Voila! Now you have your very own Sunshine Print. All there's left to do is display it with pride 🏆 Looking for printmaking materials and/or gifts browse our Artful Printmaking Box and our Art Prints.


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