How To Submit Designs To Ohh Deer

How To Submit Designs To Ohh Deer

We are always on the lookout for future collaborations and we want to make sure that we provide opportunities for anyone to show us their work.


Ohh Deer submissions are always open, yes, 365 days a year, you can share your ideas with us. However, throughout April and May we are specifically on the hunt for humour based work for greeting cards (including illustrations, photography, copy or captions that might end up being our next bestselling card).


Please note: we are not asking anyone to create work, we are simply asking for you to share portfolio work that you believe shows your style and our product development team will reach out to discuss ways potential of working together if they like what they see.


How Do I Share My Work With Ohh Deer?


If you have something in your portfolio or have examples of your style that you feel may be suitable for us to collaborate on a commission then please show us. There are 3 ways to submit your ideas:


  • Upload an image to Instagram and include the hashtag #ohhdeersubmissions





Things to know about Ohh Deer...


At Ohh Deer we’re always looking to push the boundaries of what the ‘norm’ is when it comes to greetings cards. We are open-minded, however, even the likes of us with super potty mouths at Ohh Deer do have a limit.


  • We love a boob or a bum but full-frontal nudity is a no.


  • Inclusivity, diversity and equality really matter - ideas that demonstrate hate, prejudice or discrimination will not be tolerated.


  • No one likes a copycat… enough said!


Who Can Submit?


Everyone is welcome to share their work with us but, if you’re under 18 you will have to ask an adult to share on your behalf.


What Happens Once I’ve Made a Submission?


Our product development team review all submissions and if they like what they see someone will reach out to you and discuss how we can work together (which would be supported by a licencing agreement).


Does Ohh Deer Take Ownership Of My Work?


Absolutely not! All work submitted remains your property. If our team wants to collaborate with you then there will be a licencing agreement drawn up between you and our company.


If you have any other questions about making a submission please drop the Ohh Deer team a message via the @ohhdeersubmissions Instagram page.



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