Artist Spotlight - Meet Elizabeth Olwen

Our artist of the month is Elizabeth Olwen, an incredible print-and-pattern designer based in Lisbon, Portugal! 

This fabulous artist was Founder and Director of Field Trip, a curated Art and Licensing Show that ran in New York for 4 years - a company formed and run by established artists whose goal was to offer clients a fresh, fun and lively space to interact and connect. 


She also is the co-founder of Color Story, a creative colour retreat in Portugal that aims to help people gain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with colour - both in their lives and their work. What a busy lady! 





Elizabeth’s Art


Elizabeth, who was born in Canada, creates highly considered patterns and illustrations ‘infused with heart and soul’, as according to her WEBSITE. The artwork she creates is made with the intention of spreading beauty and amplifying joy and is inspired by the world around her, including the greenery in which she was surrounded by in Canada and the bright scenery within Lisbon, as well as, of course, all of which she sees when travelling. 


Her work truly is beautiful. The colour palettes she creates are like no other, each piece she creates features the most vibrant, gorgeous colours that seem to work together in perfect unison. 


Take a look at just a few of our favourite prints this incredible designer has created…





If you want to see more of this lovely artist's artwork, be sure to visit her website


Teaching and Retreats


Elizabeth also offers a range of teaching and retreats for those interested in learning more about print, pattern and colour - who’s better to teach such a subject than such an experienced professional themselves! Elizabeth is holding a retreat taking place in the South of France both this June and October, as well as another creative retreat (this time in Portugal) in September of this year too. If you’re interested be sure to visit the ‘teaching and retreats’ section of her website


If travelling isn’t for you but you’re still eager to learn the art of print and pattern, Elizabeth also offers SkillShare sessions in which you can find out more about in the very same section. 





Previous Collaborations 


This wonderful artist collaborates with companies she admires from across the globe on products and campaigns for a broad range of clients - advertising, packaging, home decor, stationery, fabric, bedding… you name it, Elizabeth’s created a design on it! 


The name’s of some of her biggest clients to date include huge brands such as Facebook, Starbucks, Waitrose and Urban Outfitters - and that’s just a few off of her long, and very impressive, list! Of course, in the past, we’ve also been lucky enough to work closely with Elizabeth in order to create a range of greeting cards as well as a handful of stationery products. 





Elizabeth Olwen x Align Swim




Elizabeth Olwen x Amber Lotus





Elizabeth Olwen x Crate & Kids





Elizabeth Olwen x SHO Reusable 



Again, be sure to check out Elizabeth's website if you're interested in any of her past collaborations.


Our Products


As mentioned earlier, we were lucky enough to work closely with Elizabeth to create a collection of cards and small line of stationery! 













Click HERE to see our full collection with the amazing Elizabeth Olwen!

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