Funny Christmas Cards To Send This Year

    Let's get into the Christmas spirit! Looking for the cheekiest Christmas card to send this year? We have funny Christmas Cards for everyone - whether that'd be your parents, partner, siblings or friends!
    With unique festive designs created both in Santa's workshop (we mean in-house) and by talented elves (we mean artists), the selection below can be personalised with your own message and images inside and sent straight to their door!
    And, if you don't fancy sending a personalised card, you can see our full range of cards here.
    Personalised Let's Catch Santa Christmas Card, Funny Christmas Card
    For fans of dark humour, this cheeky Christmas Card is sure to hit the mark. Designed by Steven Rhodes, who's best known for his offbeat reimagining of children's activity books from the 70s and 80s.


    Personalised Skate Bush Christmas Card, Funny Christmas Card, Pop Christmas Card, Kate Bush Card


    This sweet Christmas Card is perfect for Kate Bush fans. Plus, you can personalise it with a message and photo and send it straight to their door! Designed by our talented in-house team. 


    Personalised Fallen Tree Christmas Card, Funny Christmas Card, Cat Christmas Card, Ken the Cat Christmas Card


    For those who understand the pain of having your cat attack your Christmas tree 😂 Featuring Ken the Cat who, like most cats, is a bit of an assh*le. Browse the full Ken the Cat range here.


    Personalised Wednesday Addams Christmas Card, Funny Christmas Card, Addams Family Christmas Card


    Snap your fingers twice if you love Wednesday Addams!

    This hilarious card is perfect for fans of the iconic films and the recent show. Created by our in-house designers.


    Personalised Tis The Season To Be Slightly Tipsy Christmas Card, Funny Christmas Card,Gemma Correll Christmas Card,Personalised Christmas Card

    The perfect way to say 'cheers!'. Personalise this card with your message and send it straight to their door. Designed by the talented Gemma Correll who, like us, loves a good pun.


    Personalised He Sees You When You're Sleeping Christmas Card


    Spread some dark holiday cheer this year with this tongue-in-cheek He Sees You card. Designed by Steven Rhodes.


    Personalised Christmas Kisses From the Cat Christmas Card


    Classic Ken... Sure to bring a smile to their face (or a wince), this hilarious card has been designed by, you've guessed it, Ken the Cat.


    Personalised Holy Spirit Greeting Card


    This fun card from Gemma Correll is perfect for someone who enjoys the odd trip to the pub, especially at Christmas!


    Personalised Never Eat Yellow Snow Christmas Card

    Don't say we don't give out useful advice... This fun and straight to the point card has been designed by the Ohh Deer team.


    Personalised Rapping Paper Christmas Card


    Suitable for persons who love puns. Send some lyrical vibes straight to their door! This quirky card was designed by Gemma Correll.


    And that's a wrap! Browse the full range of Christmas Cards at Ohh Deer here

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