A Gift Guide For The Food Lover

Christmas. How can one holiday be so fun and exciting yet so… stressful. I know just how difficult it is to buy for your loved ones during the holiday season, desperately looking high and low for the perfect gift but never seeming to find it. Well, this year is different. We’ve got you prepared! 

We’ve created a selection of gift guides for you this holiday season so that you can ensure you’re ready for the pure chaos that is Christmas day and this gift guide is for the food lover in your life. Whether they like cooking, trying new things or just good ol’ food we’ve got you covered. 

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig in! 

The Food Lovers:

First and foremost. All food lovers are going to love what? Food! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to buy your foodie friend perhaps things that are a little more… bougie! And lucky for you, we have some really special items available on our store that might be just what you’re looking for! 

Chocolate. What crazy person doesn’t like chocolate? And let me tell you, we have a hell of a load of it! We have a huge selection of different flavoured Tony’s chocolate, ranging in tastes from caramel to pretzel and if you can’t decide on a flavour… Why not buy them a whole bundle? It’s Christmas! 



Tony's Rainbow 6 Pack Chocolate Bars - £25.95 


We have both weird and wonderful flavours too, chocolate brownie… cookies and cream… raspberry and… uhh… chilli?! If your special someone is vegan, we have plenty of yummy vegan options from brands like H!P and Gnaw, again with both weird and wonderful flavours. We also have some bars with messages like “From your favourite child” or “yas queen”, a personal favourite of mine. There’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy, personally I’m getting hungry just writing about it! 



H!P Salty Pretzel Oat Milk Chocolate Bar - £2.95 



Love Your Fave Child Chocolate Bar - £5.50 


Gnaw Raspberry & Chilli Oat Milk Vegan Chocolate Bar - £3.50 


On the subject of chocolate, new in, we have these delicious looking Hot Chocolate Stirrers with Mini Marshmallows, available in both milk, dark chocolate and rocky road! These are a little different from your typical hot chocolate powder but they’re really easy to use! Just simply fill a large mug with hot milk and stir in your chocolatey goodness! Or, keep it traditional with our COCO Columbian Plain Drinking Chocolate. Either option makes the perfect gift for a cosy night in, and anyone with a sweet tooth.



Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Stirrer With Mini Marshemallows - £2.95

Tea! Everyone likes tea! It’s basically an essential if you’re British. We just so happen to have a huge range of flavoured tea available on our store, brought to us by Brew Tea Co! We have flavours varying from Apple and Blackberry to Lemon and Ginger, Chai to Earl Grey, just to name a few. Take your pick! 



Brew Tea Co Apple & Blackberry Loose Leaf Tea (available in several flavours!) - £7.50 

And whilst you’re at it, why not buy them the matching teapot? This tea pot is perfect for one. It doesn't have a basket, meaning the rolled whole leaves have more space to absorb more water - which in turn makes for a better tasting pot of tea. Also, because it's made of borosilicate glass, it's tough and you can see exactly what's going on inside.



Yellow Teapot For One - £38.50 


To finish off the edible gift guide list, we have a selection of fancy coffees! Organic Ground Coffee, Organic Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee or Organic Nespresso Pods. Norlo is inspired by Nordic coffee culture, and very lightly roast their speciality organic beans to craft a smooth and mouth watering coffee blend full of intense & vibrant aromas, while preserving the beans raw antioxidants, nutrients & natural minerals. The result is a far healthier, smoother coffee. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. That sure sounds delicious and if your special someone is a coffee enthusiast, this might just be the ideal gift for them!



Organic Ground Coffee - £16.95 


The Kitchen Enthusiasts:

This segment is for those food lovers who love to cook, those who would love a gift for their kitchen more than themselves. And I am one of them. The kitchen is our baby, our safeplace. What more can I say? 

First things first, an oven mitt. Anyone who owns an oven knows just how fast an oven mitt will get all groggy, burnt and gross. And now I type that for you all to read, I’m starting to really hope that isn’t just me. This oven mitt specifically is for those who love cheese, who doesn’t? Cheese is life! Perhaps not for vegans or those who are lactose intolerant but… you get my message! It’s a good gift for anyone who loves cheese and cooking. What a mix! 



F**k, I love Cheese Oven Mitt - £11.50


Let’s stick to the cheese theme with this “Hey, Have You Tried Cheese?” Tea Towel. It’s written like that because I have a voice in mind when reading it in my head and I really hope you hear it too. Anyways! Back to the point. This tea towel is one of my favourite items on the list, I love it. It’s practical and fun and what more than that could you really want? 



Hey, Have You Tried Cheese Tea Towel - £9.95 

Lastly, for the kitchen lovers, we have these adorable mugs. Just look how cute they are! They come in the colours pink, blue or green. Now, I’m gonna really sell you here. Close your eyes and imagine this gorgeous little mug filled with a steaming hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows, perhaps even a flake if you’re feeling extra elegant, in front of the fire. Need I say more? These mugs are perfect for anyone who loves to be cosy, they give off the perfect cosy vibes! 




Gingham Mug Green (available in blue and pink!) - £12.95



The Fun Foodies:

Why not combine the two best things in life, food and comfort, and buy your food loving loved one a pair of food themed socks? We have all sorts of designs for all sorts of foodies, from hot dogs to croissants. It makes the perfect quirky, novelty gift whilst also being practical! And, who doesn’t love socks? 



Hot Dog Socks - £11.95 




Bon Croissant Socks - £14.95 


Grow Kits! If your special someone loves food, specifically cooking, why not encourage them to grow their own ingredients? We have silly grow kits like our Red Hot Willy Peppers or more PG growing kits like our Grow Your Own Chilli Kit, perhaps best suited for those who prefer their food not to be willy shaped. Either way, they make a great gift for any foodie and could even introduce them to a new fun hobby! 



Grow Your Own Red Hot Willy Peppers - £10.95




Grow Your Own Chilli - £6.25


I don’t know about you but the foodies in my life will try ANYTHING. If it’s edible, they’ll try it! And what’s better for these adventurous bunch than a 30 day challenge full of new foods for them to try? We have two 30 Day Vegan Challenges available on our store, making them inclusive to everyone. It’s always fun to try something new! 



30 Day Vegan Challenge - £10.50 


Perhaps their love for food is deeper than just eating or cooking. Maybe your loved one is a little crafty and loves to be in touch with their artistic side. If this sounds like your special someone, we have the sweetest gift for you! Why not buy them a crochet kit this Christmas? We have plenty of food themed designs in stock including pineapples, watermelon and, my personal favourite, cherries. Just look how adorable they are! 





Pineapple Keyring DIY Crochet Kit - £8.25 



Cherries Keyring DIY Crochet Kit - £8.25


And, with that, we come to the end of our Gift Guide for The Food Lover. We hope you enjoyed our blog and have found just the inspiration you need to get buying for your loved one this holiday. We have more gift guides to come in the next few days, so stay alert! 

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