How to Win at the Office Birthday Card - Funny Messages for Colleagues

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'Happy birthday, have the best day' is a birthday message classic, but it kind of loses its magic after every single person in the office has already used it.

Whether you're looking for a witty quip for the office tech guru or want to show your work bestie how much they're appreciated, we've created a list of quirky birthday messages that'll leave your co-workers marveling at your brilliance. You're welcome. 


  • Birthday messages for your work bestie

happy birthday card with the wording 'happy birthday bestie' on a blue background with a smiley character with a birthday hat on
  • To the only person I can speak to before my morning coffee - happy birthday. You are brilliant!
  • Happy birthday you amazing human. You're not allowed to leave. Ever. 
  • Happy birthday to my fave person to work with! Have a great day. PS. I brought snacks! 
  • Happy birthday! There's so much I could say but the most important thing is: did you bring cake?
  • Analyzing Netflix shows with you is the highlight of my day. Happy birthday. 


  • Birthday messages for the boss

birthday card showing a cat sitting and with its middle finger up. Text reads: I'm too busy for this. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday! Promise I'll work extra hard today. Okay, I can't promise that. 

  • Happy birthday boss! May your day be filled with cake, gifts, happiness and promotions to all your employees. 

  • Happy birthday boss! Have the best day. Can we go home now? 
  • Happy birthday! We should do the right thing and go out to celebrate. Like now. 
  • Happy birthday to the best boss ever. And I'm not just saying that 'cause it's your birthday...


  • Birthday messages for a HR team member 

birthday card with the text: 'Not saying you're old, but your cake is a fire hazard!' on a peach background


  • Happy birthday [Name]. I guess I can't suggest we all ditch work to go to the pub. Wink. 
  • Happy birthday! Wishing you a day filled with health, safety and hopefully no fires. 
  • Happy birthday [Name]. May this day be filled with cake, joy and approving my holiday requests. 
  • Happy birthday! We were going to get you a cake but the candles are a fire hazard. JK. 
  • Happy birthday! I hope today makes you have to put a last-minute holiday request in for tomorrow. 


  • Birthday messages for an IT team member 

birthday card that reads 'workship coffee, the dark lord' and shows three wizards worshipping a pot of coffee


  • Happy birthday! Probs not a good time but the printer is not working. 
  • Happy birthday [Name] May this day CTRL+C, CTRL +V for many years to come!
  • Happy birthday! I promise you I won't annoy you with printer requests today. Or at least I'll try. Super hard. 
  • Happy birthday! See you later for some (screen)shots.
  • Happy birthday! Unfortunately 'turning it off an on again' doesn't work when it comes to age. 


  • Birthday messages for a customer service member

birthday card with the text 'It's 5 o'clock somewhere' showing a old timey bloke holding a champagne glass


  • Happy birthday [Name]. Wishing you a 5-star day! 
  • I hope no customers make you question your life choices today. Happy birthday!
  • To the master of the eye-roll, I hope your day is as chill as a satisfied customer.
  • Happy birthday! May your day be free of calls that could've been an email.
  • I hope your day is as wild as an angry customer. Happy birthday! 


  • Birthday messages for Julia from accounts (finance team member)

birthday card with the message 'happy birthday' showing a flower and rainbow design
  • Happy birthday Julia. I hope the only sheets you see today are wrapping ones. 
  • Happy birthday! Could you approve the cake we put on expenses? 
  • I hope this day is excellent. Happy birthday, Julia. 
  • Happy birthday, hope you have the best day. Also, when do we get paid this month? 
  • You + birthday = a pint down the pub. See you in a bit. 


  • Birthday messages for a marketing team member

happy birthday sunshine card featuring a smiley sun and clouds
  • Happy birthday! Please don't ask me to be part of a TikTok. #sorrynotsorry
  • Happy birthday [Name], I hope there's nothing viral about your day. 
  • I hope your day is filled with cute cat videos and perfectly targeted ads. Happy birthday!
  • May this be the year your budget requests are approved. Happy birthday!
  • I hope you like, comment on and, most importantly, share your birthday cake. 


  • Birthday messages for lawyers

happy birthday card that reads 'here's to another trip around the sun'. the card shows several colourful planets and stars on a black background
  • Thank you for stopping people from suing us. Happy birthday. 
  • Happy birthday! Don't worry, all the messages on this card were approved by another lawyer. 
  • Happy birthday [Name], please stop saying no to all our marketing ideas.
  • Happy birthday! See if you can find the secret message in the fine print. We made it REALLY small. 
  • Wishing you a day without judgement and filled with endless cake loopholes.


  • Birthday messages for the office dog

dog birthday card showing a sausage dog with a birthday hat on in front of a birthday cake
  • Happy birthday [Name] May your day be filled with belly rubs, treats and tail-wagging fun!
  • Everyone knows the dog can't read, right? Happy birthday. 
  • Happy birthday [Name] In human years you're now middle aged. 
  • Woof woof I guess?
  • Happy birthday to my favourite colleague! I love wasting time rubbing your belly.

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