Yo, it's me again. Jamie, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Ohh Deer.

I thought I'd introduce myself again... because I'm not exactly Leonardo Di Caprio and I don't expect any of you to know who I am...

Oh this old thing? Just gathering dust really

Oh this old thing? Just gathering dust really

So I'm back to give you a round up of the activity at Ohh Deer over the last month. In a similar fashion to last time I asked Katie to give me some talking points (it's easier that way, I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast).

So the talking points our ginger wizard has given me this week are:

  1. End of the Pillow Fight

  2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday / crazy amount of orders (thank you)

  3. A crazy amount of emails (good opportunity to apologise)

  4. Jamie won't let me have Christmas music on.

  5. Preparing Ohh Deer's Advent

  6. Staff Photos

1. End of the Pillow Fight

So first things first, the end of the Pillow Fight. What's great about having a brand like ours is being able to put out creative briefs and have y'all respond with so much great work!

We had a fantastic response, with over 3600 entries from all over the globe. As ever there were some unusual submissions... But also stand outs which we'll be announcing as the winners to the comp very shortly. This year we had 3 cash winners - because we don't always select the designs which end up with the most points to join the shop, we wanted to ensure those guys who did end up at the top were rewarded! Harriet Billingham won the £300 prize, Roza Hampta won the £150 prize and Loz won the £50 prize! You can see those top three designs HERE. (Or below!)


Check in with the blog, as we'll announce the designs that will be joining our shop full time this week.

2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Always a massive part of our planning. The Black Friday weekend is when we receive our largest concentration of orders (yawn, you know, like most other retailers). We dispatched a huge amount of orders to a great number of countries and we'd like to thank you so much for supporting an indie brand! We're not some big beast like a lot of people think we are. We've been very lucky to produce products for the likes of Urban Outfitters and ASOS which has gone some way to getting our name out there, but we're still just an independent company operating out of Loughborough. It means a lot to us that you're willing to open your hearts and purse strings to our products and ethos.

3. A Crazy Amount of Emails


Your inboxes might be slightly bulging from all of the Black Friday week and Christmas spam, and we apologise for adding to that. Please stay subscribed it's worth it honest! Also if you're not currently subscribed, please get on board HERE (just above the footer). Please open our fun emails! They've got a round up of our most viral content and most read blog content, definitely worth your time!

4. Jamie Won't Let Me Listen To Christmas Music.

Yes Katie, I wouldn't let you listen to Christmas music... Because it was November. I put a tiny bit of Buble on to test to see if we were ready for it, and I almost threw up in my mouth. So turned it off immediately.

Illustration by John Bond

Illustration by John Bond

5. Preparing Ohh Deer's Advent.

So, just in case you haven't seen, this year Ohh Deer has it's own advent running online. Each day we've got a new surprise, so far we've had a downloadable Christmas background, we've had a make your own gingerbread house with a net and everything, and today's is a downloadable garland kit and a how to! Stay tuned for giveaways, exclusive discounts and more downloadables, there's a new one appearing each day on the blog.

A lot of work went into making it awesome, so we hope you enjoy it!

6. Staff Photos

We decided it'd be nice to get everyone's photo taken so we can introduce them to you on social media, and over email (having a nice little black and white shot for everyone). So we've started that process, which has been a bit more traumatic than we'd have hoped. Turns out people like a lot of warning when it comes to having their picture taken (who knew), they don't like it when you just say, Hey you, want your picture taken? Haircuts have to be had... Make up has to be applied, etc etc. We'll be sharing those with you as we go along on instagram and whatnot.

Here's my picture with Scout this time rather than Fin.

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