A Sneak Peek Into The Artful Clay Edition Box


It’s time to prepare yourselves because this box really is a good ’un. A theme that has been repeatedly requested, the latest box of art supplies from Artful includes all things clay

Our new Artful box contains all the essentials you’d need to begin your sculpting journey, such as 2 bags of 500mg Air Dry Clay and 4 premium Dual Ended Carving Tools, as well as several other advanced resources. 

Scroll on for a full breakdown of the contents! 




  • 2x Bags of Air Dry Clay

We have included air dry clay in your Artful box. Unlike most, this type of clay dries naturally  without needing to be fired in a kiln. It is popular among hobbyists and professional sculptors alike for its versatility and accessibility. We have packed the clay in resealable bags which will help keep the clay for around 3 months! 


  • Set of 4 Dual Ended Carving Tools


While your hands are usually the best tool for sculpting and making, these set of dual ended carving and smoothing tools will be great to help you create definition and detail.


  • A5 Notebook

20 sheets of 100gsm light sketching paper. Ideal for getting ideas from your head onto paper. Plan all of your projects, patterns and ideas!


  • #3 Round Paint Brush

Add this paintbrush to your ever-growing collection! This brush is great for some detail work and applying coats.


  • F Pencil

Great artwork often needs great planning! This light pencil is perfect for drawing out ideas in your notebook or laying out your design directly onto the clay.


  • Gloss Varnish (60ml)

When your creations are finished, it is always a good idea to protect them. Apply a generous

layer of this varnish to give a glossy finish.


  • Black Acrylic (60ml)

Perfect for decorating your creations once they are completely dry.


  • Artful Magazine 

Over 100 pages of artist features, interviews, inspiration and top tricks carefully selected in order to push you to explore the potential of the medium.



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