Artist Spotlight - Meet Max Machen

Max Machen: Our January 2023 Artist of the Month!


Another month, another artist… of the month! It’s January, the first month of 2023 and we’re kicking off this year with a bang. This month’s artist of the month is fun, creative and his pieces have energy, character and humour - what more could you want? Our artist of the month is none other than Max Machen!

For those who don’t know who Max Machen is, what are you doing? He’s wonderful and totally worth checking out! Max is Yorkshire born, studied illustration in Cambridge and is now living the dream in Glasgow as an incredible award-winning freelance artist and illustrator… quite the title! 




Screen Printing and Illustration 


Max is most-known for his brilliant screen prints, his pieces are incredibly unique and recognizable! His work is what I can only describe as unusual but yet so beautiful, which is almost definitely a result of the combination of gorgeous colours and strange little characters he includes in each illustration. Max mainly works using a silk screen but also spends a lot of time sketching before he reaches a final design - this fascinating art process you can see glimpses of over on his Instagram within his highlight reels and, whilst you’re there, be sure to check out his work! 


For an idea of just how fantastic this artist is, here are some of our favourite pieces from him… 





Be sure to check out his website to see more of his wonderful work! 




This artist is a man of many talents and also dabbles in textiles too, how cool?! From caps to shirts. Scarves to, more recently, coats! The clothing he has to offer is super trendy and, of course, features his fun designs. I need to order me one of those hats ASAP! Again, you can find all these fabulous pieces over on his Instagram page if you’re interested. 



Max Machen Coat Design


Max Machen Cap Design


Max Machen T-Shirt Design


Ohh Deer X Max Machen 


We at Ohh Deer love Max’s work so much that we partnered up with him to create a card range! Whether you want a personalised card or not, a Happy Birthday card or a Congratulations card - this line has what you need! These cards, of course, radiate Max’s humorous, exciting and energetic energy from his own pieces and look truly gorgeous with their bright colour palettes and interesting little characters! 


Check out just a few of our Ohh Deer X Max Machen card designs below…


Happy Birthday Cake Card Artist Max Machen


Drum Happy Birthday Card


Artist Max Machen Hooray! Celebration Birthday Occasion Card


Hooray Snake Greeting Card


Artist Max Machen Party Time Celebration Happy Birthday Occasion Card Clock


Party Time Clock Greeting Card


Artist Max Machen Have a Rootin' Tootin' Birthday Occasion Card Horse and Cowboy


Have a Rootin' Tootin' Day Birthday Card


Artist Max Machen Let's Get Hammered Card Celebration Occasion Birthday Card Hammer and Nails


Lets get Hammered Greeting Card


Artist Max Machen Thumbs Up Well Done!! Card Celebration Occasion


Well Done Thumbs Up Greeting Card



Max Machen's Valentine's Day Cards


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, slowly creeping up on us. Why not make sure you’re prepared for the special day? If you love Max’s work, you’ll love his Valentine’s Day themed cards! The best thing about these wonderful cards, other than the amazing designs, is the fact they aren’t strictly for Valentine’s Day either - they can be used all year round for celebrations such as anniversaries! Take a look at some of the adorable Valentine’s Day designs this fabulous artist created below…


Artist Max Machen Love You More Than Coffee Card Valentine's Day Anniversary


Personalised Love You More Than Coffee Card 


Artist Max Machen Love Bug Card Valentine's Day Anniversary Personalized


Personalised Love Bug Greeting Card


Artist Max Machen You Are Hot... Card Valentine's Day Anniversary Personalized


Personalised You Are Hot Greeting Card


And with that, we come to an end of our January artist of the month feature. Be sure to show Max Machen some love over on his Instagram and check out more from him over on his website! If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to keep an eye out for our monthly artist of the month spotlights, released every end of the month! You can read more blogs from us at Ohh Deer here





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