Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on 10th March this year, just around the corner! Wondering what to buy for Mother's Day? We’ve created a Gift Guide just for you, packed with only the best Mother's Day gifts for 2024!


I understand that some of you will be looking for something conventional - we’re talking mugs, chocolates and stationery. Whether you’re aiming high this year or trying to keep to a strict budget (I mean, there is a cost of living crisis, people!), we have just what you’re looking for.



Starting off our list with probably the most obvious, and must have, gift idea - chocolates. You can’t go wrong with chocolates. Every mum is a sucker for a sweet treat! We have a great selection of cocoa-y goodness - vegan or ‘regular’, meaning there’s something perfect just for her! Our range from Gnaw includes all sorts of new weird and wonderful flavours from Banoffee Pie to Gin & Tonic (yum!). 


Gnaw Vegan Raspberry & Chilli Chocolate Bar



Of course, we also have some special options also, something different to your typical chocolate bar - maybe even a little bougier too. If your mumma’s a truffle typa girl, we have Raspberry Champagne White Chocolate Truffles from Love Cocoa. Now, I might have to buy two of these this Mother’s Day… one for my mum AND one for me. God, don't they just look delicious?


Raspberry Champagne White Chocolate Truffles



Soaps. Everyone loves soaps! Check out our range of natural soap bars from Mam Made Skincare. We have options including Lemon Scrub, Earth Mint or you can gift Mum a free citrusy burst of orange and patchouli scents from our Citrus Sunset Natural Soap Bar.


Mam Made Skincare Natural Soap Bars




Another, perhaps more obvious, idea is to buy her a mug. I mean, personally, I can never get enough mugs!

We have all sorts of mugs available for every kind of Mumma. If she’s an animal lover, opt for either our Dog Lover Mug, Crazy Cat Lady Mug or our Gemma Correll Capugccino Mug. We also have mugs more on theme with Mother’s Day too, such as our Best Step Mum Mug for those who want to show some appreciation towards the incredible women who stepped in as a motherly figure at any point in your life. 


Dog Lover Mug


Artful Boxes

Moving onto the less traditional stuff, we have Artful Boxes. A perfect gift for any artistic Mumma! The Mother’s who live and breathe art. Art can be… an expensive hobby, to say the least and, boy, does it run out fast! But for us gift givers, that’s exactly what we want! What better than the ability to give your Mum a gift they need and, better yet, love? And, if you’re a sibling, you’ll definitely be the favourite child after this one.  


Artful boxes. Artful boxes are incredibly popular amongst our more artsy followers, people love them! For those who might not know what an artful box is, it’s essentially a box filled with all the essentials for your chosen medium. We have several options of these boxes available, one perfect for every kind of artist. From colouring pencils to inksclay to screen printing and so much more! 



Artful Box



Papergang Boxes

This next section is fit for the mothers who are stationery mad. So, if Mum loves pens, pencils, notebooks and more, read on! 


Papergang boxes. We are yet to meet a mum who doesn’t love Papergang. For those who might not know, Papergang is Ohh Deer's way of expressing a deep rooted obsession with papery goodness! These boxes are filled with stationery which include products from pens, to notebooks to pencil cases.


You don’t need a subscription in order to obtain our wonderful boxes, in fact, you can buy them directly on our website! And, the plus side of doing it this way is that you can pick a box that fits her interests best - our Ghosts & Ghouls Box for our spooky mummies, our Papergang x Eden Project Box for the plant loving mums; the list goes on! Check out our entire selection HERE

papergang x eden project box



On the theme of stationery, if you don’t fancy getting Mum an entire box jam-packed with papery goodness, you could also purchase items individually instead! 

We have some fabulous items created by talented artists such as Gemma Correll and Cath Kidston, including our large selection of Personalised Notebooks! These notebooks are available in a variety designs, and you can add Mum's name to the front to make a great personalised Mother's Day gift.


Ohh Deer Personalised A5 Notebooks


We also have some gorgeous (undated) Daily Planners available that can be used at any point in the year. 

Cath Kidston Strawberry Daily Planner


And with that, we’ve come to an end of our Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide. Spoil your lovely mothers this year. Mother's Day falls early in 2024 on the 10th of March, don’t forget! Be sure to check out our other blogs for all sorts of great content from pop-culture articles to artsy ones.

And of course, don't forget to pick up a unique illustrated Mother's Day Card from our broad collection. You can get 3 for 2 on cards with a free Ohh Deer account!

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