Best Of: Artful Daily Challenge 2022

2022. It was sure... well, a year, to say the least! In all honesty, it was a pretty rubbish year but if one thing kept our spirits up it was, in a lot of people's cases, art!


And that's exactly why we post our daily challenge prompts. Art is therapeutic, art is relaxing, art is great for the mind... and of course, it's a bonus when you're super talented like every single one of you guys seem to be... I've said it before, and I'll say it again, save some for the rest of us! 


Enough of me rambling on. In this blog, we're breaking down our top picks, not only of December, but from the entire year! We've carefully selected our favourite pieces by you each month (which might I say was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to one!) so we can celebrate just how incredible our followers are. 


So, without further ado, let's get into our 2022 Artful Challenge Favourites! 



@hurstydoodles created this stunning artwork of Dunnotar Castle using watercolours and a black fine liner. This castle is found in Scotland and is perched upon a 160 foot rock, surrounded by the North Sea. @hurstydoodles 



Checkout this awesome piece by @followthelemur. We love this interpretation of the prompt and think it very suiting for the gloomy February we had! @followthelemur 



This Happy Hen artwork was created by @owencollier using lino and is a two layer print. We absolutely love the texture in this piece! @owencollier 



There are so many ways this prompt could have been taken but we love this...

'Penelope Featherington aka Lady Whistledown the creator of a scandal sheet read by all the ton. @popeyebythesea



A Charging Rhino... “He’s a softie really”. We love how Paul shared the initial sketch to the final piece, bringing this rhino to life! @paulpuddifoot_art



The passage of time. “I love how many of us mark the passing of a year and the start of a new one with cake! It seemed like a nice simple approach to today’s prompt! Goodness knows what gave me this idea…” @christophski 




Wow - look at the detail in this piece! The use of lines and circles to give this tidal wave such dimension. @nancyfernandez9425




Checkout this beautiful mushroom painting by @zedibush. We love the bright vibrant colours used and different brush strokes to create such depth! @zedibush 




How awesome is this little guy? used her Artful inks to create this piece and we’re obsessed! 




This ink piece by @about_a_bob was adorable, spooky and fit perfectly into the Halloween season! @about_a_bob



@clareydoodle created this peaceful log cabin using the Artful Studio Markers. We love the different brush stroke techniques used in this winter scene! @clareydoodle




And just like that, December arrived and brought a lot of us snow… and of course with snow, comes snowmen! We love how simple but beautiful this snowman is!



And with that, 2022 finally comes to a close! We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; we're excited to see what beautiful pieces you have in store for us in 2023! 

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