September Artful Box Sneak Peek

September Artful Box Sneak Peek

The latest art box from Artful, is on its way this September. Many of you have been shouting from the roof tops suggesting this theme, so here we go! The next box from Artful is Studio Markers. 


Studio Markers are among the most versatile art mediums available. They can be used in a whole variety of ways, from architectural design work to breathtakingly realistic portraiture!



Artful is a quarterly art box that’s created for artists by artists. As always, this box is packed with professional tools that won’t limit the experienced artist, and accompanied with a magazine that will guide anyone of any skill level through the key principles of this medium.


Our latest box contains a collection of markers and advanced resources worth over £80. Scroll on for a full breakdown of the contents.


The Studio Marker Box is available from September at


Contents of the box


24 x Artful Alcohol Marker Pens

RRP £49.95

A brilliant collection of 24 dual-nibbed alcohol marker pens.

We have carefully chosen a wide selection of colours that can be used for any artwork that you will create. The larger more angled nib is perfect for applying large, flat sweeps of colour, whilst the smaller nib can be used for more refined details.

Marker pens are designed to be layered on top of one another, and you will be able to create a huge secondary range of tones and hues by experimenting with these different mixes.


Artful 0.5mm Fineliner RRP £2.50

RRP £2.50

Some details and outlines just need a finer point. We have included this small nibbed fineliner into the box for the areas of your artwork that need a more precise touch.


Artful 2H Pencil

RRP £1.50

Great artwork often needs great planning! This light pencil is perfect for drawing in light construction lines.

Whilst the pens are designed to layer on top of one another, the ink inside will easily obscure any of these initial pencil layers.


Artful A4 Premium Artists Sketchpad

RRP £14.50

30 sheets of A4 160gsm acid-free, premium artists sketchpad smooth paper. Suitable for pencil, pen, calligraphy, pastel and oil pastels.


4 x Artful Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes

RRP £4

280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board, suitable for wet and dry media. Slight texture

& kraft envelopes.


Artful magazine

RRP £7.95

Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials 

and inspiration.


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