Thinking Of You Week: What To Say In A Thinking Of You Card

Thinking of you week is the perfect opportunity to check in on friends, family and loved ones! Sending a card is a brilliant way to make someone feel special, even if you just want to say hello, miss you or send a big hug to someone who lives far away.  

It can be awkward to decide on what to write in a 'thinking of you' card especially when you haven't spoken to someone in a while! But, worry not, as we've compiled a list of short thinking of you messages that are sure to brighten their day...

 If you just want to say 'hey'

Hey High Five Thinking of you card

  1.  Just a little card to say 'hey'! We should catch up :)
  2. 'Hello, hello. Isn't this a lot better than WhatsApp? Miss you!'
  3. You could always go down the Adele route with the classic 'Hellooo from the other siiiiiiiiiiide'.
  4. Sometimes a text isn't enough. So here's a cute card just to say hi! 
  5. I'm terrible at writing messages but great at choosing cards, so hi! Just checking in and I hope everything is going good. Call me whenever! 

 'Miss you' messages


I F'ing mis You Personalised Thinking Of You Card

  1. It's been way tooo long. I miss you! Let's get together asap.
  2. Just sliding into your letterbox to say 'I miss you!' Hope all is well :)
  3. This is  just a reminder that you're amazing and missed!
  4. It's been a hot second. Let's catch up - I miss youuuuu!
  5. Yes, I bought this card just to say: me, you, lots of food and drinks! Let's do it.

 'Thinking of you' messages

Personalised I Am Thinking of You Card

  1. Just wanted to send a little positivity your way. Thinking of you, always.
  2. You're too far away for a real hug, so this card will have to do! Thinking of you.
  3. I've been thinking of you. Hope this card brightens your day. Call me whenever! 
  4. When all else fails, a cuppa tea and biscuits are the solution. And I'm always here for a chat. 
  5. Sending love and lots of hugs your way.

 'What's new?' messages


Personalised You Croc Card

Personalised You Croc Card

  1. It's been way to long. Rude. Tell me everything that's been happening.
  2. What's happening in your corner of the world? I miss you!
  3. Sometimes a text isn't enough. How's everything going? 
  4. Whassuuuuuuuup?
  5. When can we catch up? I wanna know EVERYTHING. 

 Empowering messages

Personalised You're All Kinds of Awesome Card

Personalised You're All Kinds of Awesome Card

  1. If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? RuPaul said it, so it's true.
  2. In the immortal words of Kris Jenner: You're doing amazing sweetie.
  3. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. Love you x
  4. Break a leg (not literally)! 
  5. You're amazing. That's it. That's the message.

Now that you have some ideas of thinking of you sentiments, all you need is the all-important card! Browse our range of Thinking Of You Cards here

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