7 Small Ways To Be More Sustainable

In a plastic-obsessed world, it's important that we all take steps to help, not harm, the environment. And we all know simple ways to be more sustainable - using a reusable water bottle or going vegan, but what are some other small ways to be more sustainable?


Below are some easy ways to be sustainable, that you may not have thought about before…


  • Start Small



    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to save the planet in one go. However, you can set smaller goals that are easier to achieve. For example, making a vow to only buy a certain amount of beauty products a month, or never (ever) buying a plastic bag at a shop again (tote bags are a great alternative!). Once you tackle one problem, it will become a habit for you. And then it’s time to move onto the next change…


    • Shop Sustainably



      There is lots of research out there that tells us going vegan or vegetarian can help the environment, but many people struggle to go cold turkey (excuse the pun) on the meat straight away. Instead, start small. Switch your milk to almond milk for your coffee or cornflakes, have a meat free week every month, or decide to only have meat when you go to restaurants with friends. After all, every small change makes a difference.


      • Shop Second Hand 



      Fast fashion has become something of a norm, but it is incredibly harmful to the environment. According to earth.org, 1.92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced every year. What's more, nearly 2.6 million tonnes of returned clothes ended up in landfills in 2020 - and that's just in the US.

      What can you do to help? Buying second hand is a great way to start. Not only can you find high-end labels and one-of-a-kind items for half the cost in charity shops but your money will also be supporting a worthy cause.

      Not a fan of second hand? Instead, ensure that everything you buy is sustainable or will last you many years, this reduces the amount of clothing going to landfill. Sure, the price of sustainably sourced clothes can be higher, but they will also last a lot longer.


      • Use eco-friendly tea bags



        There's nothing quite like a good cuppa to sort any life situation out. But did you know that tea bags often contain a non-biodegradable plastic called polypropylene, which releases billions of microplastic particles?

        This plastic is used as a sealant by some brands, so the tea bag doesn't fall apart when you brew it. Unfortunately, this type of plastic cannot be recycled as is not biodegradable.

        A great way to be more sustainable is by switching to fully biodegradable tea bags, which the likes of The Co-op and PG Tips have now launched.


        • Grow Your Own Herbs & Veg


        Use a lot of herbs in salads and cooking? Why not grow your own! It’s a great way to become more sustainable, and they fill your home with a fresh scent. Many supermarkets still use plastic to package their herbs and vegetables, which can become very wasteful.


        • Use recyclable wrapping paper and plastic-free cards



        It’s important to be mindful when using all types of paper - but especially wrapping paper. This is because a large amount of it is not recyclable - however it is a common myth that ALL wrapping paper can’t be recycled, it’s simply not true. Instead, invest in some 100% recycled wrapping paper - or use brown paper or newspaper. A great way to make your gifts look unique and inviting and you can also recycle the paper after!




        All of Ohh Deer's greeting cards are made without plastic, as we've ditched cellophane back in 2019 and clasped seals in 2021. Plus, when you create a free Ohh Deer account and shop 3 for 2 cards, we'll plant a tree on your behalf via Eden Reforestation Projects. You can read more about our work with Eden here!

        Our gift wrap is made from 100% recycled paper and unlike most gift wrap, it can be recycled again due to the paper and finishes we use.


        You can shop our greeting cards here and our gift wrap here.


        So there are our top 7 creative ways to be sustainable. You can also take steps to become more sustainable at work, remember - every little helps!


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