Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day especially dedicated to loving and appreciating your partner, as if you couldn’t do that the other 364 days of the year. A day that if forgotten, dare I say, could ruin an entire relationship…OK, I’m reading the room and it’s time for me to shut my cakehole, I’ll stop being such a Debbie downer. 


It might seem like just another day for some, but Valentine's Day is all about love, something that the wonderful people in our lives deserve at least once a year! It’s a day to spoil your lover rotten and make them feel just as special as they truly are to you. 


And that’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of gift inspo for your other half this Valentines Day, a list suitable for such a variety of people that you’re bound to find something that is sure to bring a smile to their face.


Traditional Gifts


Traditional Gifts. You know? The typical Valentine's Day gifts that are simple yet thoughtful and never fail to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. I’m talking chocolate and flowers. We have a range of chocolates available on our store suitable for the tastebuds of anyone and everyone. Milk chocolate. Vegan chocolate.  Fancy. Affordable. Extra sweet. Extra… spicy? OK, perhaps not that last one… unless, of course, you want to give your partner the gift of blowing their head off this Valentines' Day. 


And, with the huge selection of confectionery available on our store, maybe you could build the chocoholic in your life a huge chocolatey bundle! This fancy shmancy bundle might include some of the wonderful brands we feature on our site -  from Tony’s to Gnaw, Gnaw to Love Cocoa Truffles, if you’re feeling extra bougie that is. In a big bundle filled with delicious chocolatey goodness or not - these gifts sure are the way to a person’s heart. 



 Love Cocoa Milk Chocolate Truffles 





Gnaw Chocolate Brownie Bar



Tony's Milk 32% Chocolate Bar 



Of course, we also have those flowers we mentioned available, which means no last-minute trips to your nearest Co-op just to find out all the bouquets have already been snagged. Yay! The difference between our flowers and supermarket flowers, however, is that the ones on our site are dried flowers. Dried flowers are just as beautiful as regular flowers but keep for 10x as long, lasting around a year at a time - this means we’ve got you covered, not just for this Valentine’s Day but until next Valentine’s Day too!  




Pink Dried Flowers With Vase (Letterbox) 


On the subject of traditional gifts, I’ve got one word for you. The perfect, easy yet thoughtful gift for any occasion. Smellies. Who doesn’t love a good smelly gift? Candles. Soaps. They can be naughty or nice. 


Candles are a wonderful gift. They’re homely. They make your house smell good AND they’re thoughtful. 9/10 these gifts land well. Available on our store, we have all types of candles - candles of different brands, scents and price ranges. From our novelty Smells Like Netflix Candle to our much more creepy, slightly morbid Pyropet Candles (candles that are essentially in the shape of animals and melt down to the skeleton, which I personally find pretty cool). Then, of course, you have the typical lovely, nice candles that look and smell INCREDIBLE. 


What I’m getting at is, there are so many different types available for such a wide selection of people that you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your loved one’s vibe and likes perfectly! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Candles. Are. The. Perfect. Gift. 



Pyropet Einar Unicorn Candle


Of course, not everyone is into candles (tasteless, I know, candles are my life) but that doesn’t mean smellies are ruled out! Soap makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. It can work as a novelty, silly gift; a nice gift or perhaps even a more romantic, let’s say… naughtier one. 


We have soaps for all kinds of people - Beer Soap for, of course, beer lovers; Lovers’ Soap for those feeling a little scandalous this Valentine’s Day and Dirty Bitch Soap for the dirty bi- 





Gifts For The Less Romantic 


Moving onto the less traditional gifts, for those with partners that aren’t so much into the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff. If your lover is an artist or stationery mad, we’ve got you covered. That just so happens to be our speciality.  


We’ll begin with gift ideas for the artists out there. Those who live and breathe art. Those who are quite frankly great at what they do! Art can be… an expensive hobby, to say the least, and, boy, does it run out fast! But for us gift givers, that’s exactly what we want! What better than the ability to give your special person a gift they need and, better yet, love? 


 Artful boxes. Artful boxes are incredibly popular amongst our more artsy followers. People love them! For those who might not know what an artful box is, it’s essentially a box filled with all the essentials for your chosen medium. We have several options of these boxes available, one perfect for every kind of artist. From calligraphy to gouache, pastels to watercolour and so much more! Check out our Artful boxes here.


The best thing about these boxes is that they could perhaps also be used as a fun activity for you and your partner on Valentine’s Day itself. I’m thinking Clay and Chocolate. Gouache and Wine. I mean come on, talk about romance!  



Artful: Art School in a Box - Gouache Edition


If your lover loves pens, pencils, notebooks and gets excited for all things stationery, read on! 


Papergang boxes. Papergang boxes make quite literally the perfect gift for anyone who fits into this category. And, once again for those who might not know, Papergang is Ohh Deer's way of expressing a deep-rooted obsession with papery goodness! These boxes are filled with stationery which includes products from pens, to notebooks to pencil cases!  




Papergang "A Winter Romance" Stationery Box



And, if you like the idea of stationery boxes, you can sign up for a MYSTERY monthly Papergang subscription here! Each month you will receive a box filled with brilliant stationery. The product selection will vary but the best part is you will never get a repeat box; each month will be designed by a different artist and with a brand new theme! A slight, off-topic and shameless plug - my apologies. Back to the gift guide! 


Gifts For The Non-Gift Givers 


Now, I can appreciate that not everyone’s love language is gift giving. I totally get that. Well, it just so happens that I’m an absolute angel that has every love language known to man, so I’m here to guide you less romantic folk. For those who value quality time as an alternative, why not buy the essentials for a perfect date night with your loved one? Romantic, fun, cosy. I guarantee we have something perfect for every couple! 


Let’s start with a date idea for those who want nothing more than to cosy up with their partner this Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking a brand new pair of cosy socks each, some hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) and Netflix. Add chocolate to the mix and you have what sounds like a hell of a good time! 


We have a selection of novelty socks available on our store that work well as a gift, from silly socks like our ‘Stubborn Men’s Socks’ (which, whilst a little controversial, I would say fits every man to ever set foot on this Earth) to socks fit for foodies or animal lovers. There is no better gift than the gift of new socks, and now that I’m typing that out I’m realising that I’m either extremely relatable or… I’m getting old. 




Now, onto hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is a vital part of the date night - you simply cannot miss it out. Luckily for you, we’ve got this whole night sorted. What can I say? I’ve got your back. For just £2.95, you can pick up a Gnaw Hot Chocolate Stirrer With Mini Marshmallows - available in either a Milk Chocolate or a Rocky Road flavour! These are, in fact, HEAVENLY. A guaranteed key to your loved ones heart. There is nothing more to say, these hot chocolate stirrers are a MUST and what better time to try them out than Valentine’s Day (or… well, I suppose Valentine’s Night)?  




Gnaw Hot Chocolate Stirrers in Flavours Rocky Road and Milk Chocolate 



Perhaps Netflix isn’t your thing. And, let’s be honest, regular telly just doesn’t do it at the moment. In that case, maybe puzzles are more your thing. Puzzles are a great activity for you and your partner! They’re fun, relaxing and allow you to spend undivided quality time with one another. What more could you want on a day all about romance? 


We have puzzle designs for everyone! From animal-themed puzzles to plant ones. Colourful puzzles to… penis puzzles… OK, maybe that last one is a little less for straight men and lesbians and a little better suited to our gays and theys. Anyways, let’s not get distracted by genitals! My point is that any combination of these items guarantees a wonderful, romantic night with your special person and our selection of each of these product types is so large that you can tweak it any way you’d want it to fit you and your partner! 



Shop Puzzles! 


And, with that, we come to an end of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! We hope that we’ve helped you find the perfect gifts for your special someone and wish you and your partner a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with steamy romance. Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials or store for information on more products to come and check out our fabulous Valentine’s Day card range for funny, cute and fabulous cards! 

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