A Sneak Peek Into The Colouring Pencil Artful Box

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Hailed as the bread and butter of drawing; consistent colour tones, texture and ease of blending make, our Artful Colouring Pencil Box offers an ideal medium for both novices and experienced artists alike. 

This box is packed with professional tools that won’t limit the experienced artist and is accompanied with a magazine that will guide anyone of any skill level through the key principles of this medium.

The Colouring Pencil Edition contains a collection of premium pencils and advanced resources worth over £100!

Scroll on for a full breakdown of the contents. 

Contents of The Box:

  • Set of 36 Artful Colouring Pencils RRP £45.00

An incredibly vibrant selection of oil-based colouring pencils, with a colour palette wide enough to use for any artistic project


  • Set of 3 Artful Pencils RRP £4.50

Graphite pencils with different nib densities for a range of mark making possibilities! These can be used to draw the faint line work on your drawing surface before working into it with your colouring pencils.


  • Artful 20cm Metal Ruler RRP £5.95

 An incredibly durable 20cm ruler that will not bend or warp over time. An indispensable and dependable tool to use when drawing more precise details, such as perspective.


  • Artful Eraser RRP £3.50

 There are no mistakes in art, but an eraser is incredibly helpful for rubbing out construction lines in your composition.


  • Artful Pencil Sharpener RRP £1.95

 Pencils are revered for their ability to create incredibly precise detail, but this can only happen if your pencils are kept sharp


  • Artful A4 Drawing Pad RRP £14.50

 40 sheets of A4 160gsm acid-free.

 Premium heavyweight textured paper.

 Suitable for pencil, pen, watercolour, ink, calligraphy and pastels.


  • 4 Artful Blank Greeting Cards And Envelopes RRP £4.00


280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board, suitable for wet and dry media.

Slight texture & kraft envelopes.


  • A4 Art Print RRP £14.95

 Our very own Siiri has supplied a signed art print!


  • A5 Colour Chart

 Blank colour chart for you to test your colours and create brilliant colour palettes.


  • Magazine RRP £7.95

 Over 100 pages of interviews, tutorials and inspiration!

In this edition of the Artful magazine, explore tutorials with step-by-step guides to pencilled human portraits, making a comic and simple street sketching.

Plus, Artful’s very own tutorial whizz, Lewis Darley gives us a tour of his own work!

Lewis Darley

All of the above is detailed in the magazine along with heaps of interviews and colouring pencil inspirations, walk throughs from the experts detailing how to create specific images, and quite essentially, a thorough introduction to colouring pencils, their history, their fundamental principles, and top tips.

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