Occasions and Relations To Consider

For those that don’t know already, we at Ohh Deer have created a little something called ‘Flash Marketplace’, a place for you to upload and sell your work (yes, your very own designs!) for a limited time. 


In order to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve made a list of occasions and relations for you to consider when coming up with your own card designs because, let’s face it, inspiration can sometimes be the hardest part and sometimes the brief is a little too broad.  To find out more about the Flash Marketplace, click HERE and if you’re ready and raring to go, read on!



Relations! You know? Mum. Dad. Brother. Sister. You get the jist. Relations can be tied into any occasion themed card and allows you to create a cohesive range of cards - you can use the same design but slap a different name on the front so that all loved ones are catered for. 

Relations can also help determine the tone of the card - if it's for a sibling, you can poke fun at them a little bit but your grandma? Well, maybe you want to be a little nicer to her. 

Here’s a full list of the relations included on our website:

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Daughter
  • Son
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Grandparent
  • Friend
  • Couples
  • Workmate
  • Teacher


Perhaps the most obvious occasion on our list, birthdays are a great occasion to design for. The best birthday cards tend to feature the recipient’s likes, hobbies and interests which ultimately means the possibility of designs are truly endless… slap on a cheerful happy birthday message and you’re good to go! 











OK, you caught us. It’s March, verging on April and we’re proposing that you create a Christmas card design but answer me this… is it ever REALLY too early for Christmas? Only 9 months to go! Now, I want you to imagine for a second. Imagine being able to give your loved ones a Christmas card with YOUR design on the cover. How cool is that? 

Christmas pretty much has a designated colour palette, making determining said colour palette a lot more straightforward not to mention a whole list of things we associate with the holiday. Christmas trees. Presents. Christmas dinner. The list goes on! Funny. Sweet. Festive. It’s totally up to you where to go with it. 









Us lot fortunate, or unfortunate depending on how much you actually like your partner, enough to be in a relationship need anniversary cards every once in a while to celebrate a milestone, whether it's for one year together or ten. These cards can be cheeky, daring or just plain romantic and usually feature lots of pretty flowers, pink and red tones and a thoughtful (and incredibly soppy) message. 






Weddings, Civil Partnerships and Engagement  

Weddings, civil partnerships and engagements are such incredibly special, beautiful occasions that it's important that you find a card to reflect that. Fun or elegant. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find a card that caters to anything more than your average heterosexual marriage so maybe that’s a job for you! How incredible would it be to create the perfect card for the couple that really deserve a proper congratulations.  





Thank You 

Thank you cards are perfect for those big favours where a simple thank you just won’t do. Quirky or thoughtful, thank you cards typically feature bright, vibrant colour palettes as well as a message of gratitude. If this takes your fancy, maybe designing a thank you card is the route for you!  




Congratulations cards can be used for a variety of occasions, that’s the beauty of them. Like Thank You cards, they typically include bright colours and a sincere message but let’s be honest… the best cards are the cheeky ones, which pop up a little bit more in this category. 



Leaving/New Job

These cards act as a warm send off for those moving on to bigger and better things. They always let the recipient know that you’ll miss them and are wishing them the best of luck but can be cute, funny, quirky, rude or crude… the design possibilities are endless! 




New Baby

There is nothing more beautiful than new life and that’s why when there’s news of a pregnancy or the arrival of a little one, congratulations are in order! Now, these designs are typically super sweet or hilarious - there’s no in-between but either way there’s so much potential in this category of card! 




New Home

All new homes need a warm welcome! Why not create a New Home design for the Flash Marketplace? These cards tend to feature boxes, a message of congratulations and, of course, houses!  




Get Well Soon

There’s nothing that warms the heart more than a Get Well Soon card, especially when you’re super poorly. The aim of these cards is to bring a smile back to the recipient’s face so they typically include designs of rainbows, flowers and all things nice! 






Sorry and Sympathy

Sorry and Sympathy cards are perfect for those looking for ways to apologise or sympathise with someone going through a hard time. Similarly to Get Well Soon cards, these usually feature a broad range of anything nice - flowers, rainbows, pretty butterflies. Design to your heart’s content! 






Good Luck

Good Luck cards! They can be thoughtful or cheeky. These cards are typically used to send a message of encouragement to the recipient. The design possibilities of Good Luck cards are infinite but, for some quick inspiration, you could include magical creatures or things that symbolise luck like four leaf clovers! 





Exam and Graduation 

To complete our list of potential occasions, we have exam and graduation cards! These are cards to thank teachers, celebrate exam results or congratulate someone on a graduation. These cards are typically education themed - we’re talking pens, pencils, books but, of course, like any design it's completely up to you where you go with it… that’s the fun of it! 







And that ends our blog for Occasions and Relations to Consider when designing for Flash Marketplace. If you’re interested in finding out more about this event, or even wanting to take part, click here! We’re going to be creating a few more articles dedicated to Flash Marketplace, so if you’re in need of any tips and tricks for card design - be sure to check out our other blogs! 

Happy designing, folks. Have fun, and good luck! 

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