Resizing & Preparing Artwork For a Card

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the entire card design process before, you might find preparing and resizing your artwork more difficult than creating the design itself. It’s normal to be a little lost your first time, there’s a lot of things you need to consider!


And that’s why we’ve created this guide covering everything you’d need to know about preparing and resizing your work! 

Preparing Your Artwork

Your artwork will need to be:

  • 5x7 ratio (1535 px by 2150 px / 13cm by 18.2cm).

  • CMYK Colour.

To check your artwork is CMYK on Photoshop go to Image > Mode and select CMYK (this may alter some of your colours if originally designed in RGB so is worth keeping that in mind).

  • 300 dpi (High resolution).

To check your artwork is 300dpi on Photoshop, go to Image > Image Size and check the resolution is 300.

  • To save your artwork go to File > Save a Copy. Select file type as JPEG and the maximum quality.

Resizing Your Artwork

  • Design/edit your artwork so it will work with the dimensions and scale above.
  • If you are designing your artwork to be used on these cards, set your canvas size to either 1535 px by 2150 px or 13cm by 18.2cm.
  • Use the template provided that includes margin guidelines of what to centre your artwork to (so nothing gets cut off once printed!) and it will also guarantee that the artwork is at the correct size.


That brings us to the end of our Resizing and Preparation guide, be sure to check out our other Flash Marketplace blogs to get you feeling inspired or to get help on more of the tricky technical stuff! 


And, if you're taking part in our Flash Marketplace event, happy creating and good luck! 


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