Top Tips and Tricks For Card Design

Have a design in mind for the Flash Marketplace but don’t know how to make it real? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve crafted a blog, just for you, full of tips and tricks on how to create the perfect card. A list of considerations for you to think about when designing your card to make it stand out! 



  • Consider Proportions

Consider its proportions and think about the scale of the product. Will your artwork fit the size of the product nicely, or is there something you need to tweak or add to it? It is useful to try a few different versions and play around with the composition; maybe the artwork could be cropped in different ways or turned into a repeat pattern. You can sketch out your ideas, or create digital mockups of the product in editing software. 

Before you send your file to print, it’s a good idea to create and print out a mock-up of your product. This will give you a rough idea what it’s going to look like when printed, and you may notice things you still need to tweak or change.

  • Re-Size & Prepare Your Artwork



Make sure that your artwork is always at least 300dpi, and at minimum, matches the dimensions of the product. To avoid pixilation, never scale your artwork up more than 10% from its original size. Consider the possible bleed marks (area that gets cut off when the product is printed) and include this in the dimensions of your artwork. Convert colours to CMYK - this is the colour profile that is used in printing. Note this may dull the colours of your artwork.

For a more detailed explanation on how to do this, check out our ‘How To Re-Size’ blog! 

  • Make a Cohesive Collection of Products

Think about the colour palette and the art style. What’s the inspiration behind your work, does the collection have a theme? Create mock-ups of your artwork, and look at them together as a collection - this will help you see what works and what needs to change.



  • Other Things To Consider

Like above, test and mock-up these as a part of your creation process - is the text legible when shown as a small icon in the shop? Does the colour contrast work? Something that looks good when designing it might not work when scaled down.

That brings us to the end of our ‘Top Tricks And Tips For Card Design’ blog! Be sure to check out our other Flash Marketplace articles to get you feeling inspired AND to help you out with all the tricky technical stuff. 

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