Set up your profile

What are the requirements to become a marketplace artist?

You will need to have:

  • An active Ohh Deer account
  • A PayPal account
  • Your own artwork or hilarious/inspiring/sentimental captions

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here. You will provide some details to really help your profile and products stand out. This includes your preferred logos or profile photos, icons, description and social handles.

In addition, we will require your PayPal account email so that you we can pay you for all your hard work!

What information do you need?

You will need:

Name/Alias - this will display on your products and your collection

Paypal Email - This is so that you can get paid after the marketplace period. Note: We are unable to pay you via any other method.


Icon - This is a small version of your profile or an icon you wish to be displayed on the product cards shown within a collection of products. Optimal size is 60px by 60px

Profile Image - This is you logo or profile image you wish to be displayed on your product pages and collection page

Banner Image - This is the image you wish to be displayed behind your profile image on your product pages and collection page

Social Media details - This will provide links on your collection pages to any social media platforms you provide your handle for.

NOTE: The maximum file size that is allowed to be uploaded is 2mb. Please ensure that all images are in the accepted file formats.

I submitted my information, what happens now?

When you have submitted your information, we begin setting up your profile and collections.

After this process has finished you will receive an email that confirms everything is ready. At that point you can begin uploading your work.

Can I change my information after I have signed up?

Of course you can. Simply go to your collection page or your Ohh Deer account page. Here you can update your images and descriptions.

Upload Your Products

What products can I upload?

You can upload 3 types of products:

  • Artwork greeting card
  • Text Only/Caption greeting card
  • Notebook (pages are lined)

What steps do I have to follow?

Once you click on the product type you wish to create, you will be taken through to the editor. Here you will upload your artwork and adjust the placement OR type in your caption and select your fonts and colours.

Once you are happy you can save your design. You will then be taken through to a page to enter a title, description and select some tags that will help with the filtering and organisation of your product.

You can select up to 10 tags, so choose wisely. Select the tags which emphasise the occasion, specific recipients or the style of the card. This will make sure it gets in front of the customers that are looking for a card like yours.

Are there specific artwork requirements?

Yes, however our aim was to make this as easy as possible so anyone can get creative! Here is a guide on how to prepare artwork for print.


Artwork needs to be provided at the following attributes:

  • 300dpi (standard for print)
  • Width: 366mm (4323 pixels)
  • Height: 255mm (3012 pixels)

*Note these dimensions include a 20mm bleed for parts of your design that will wrap onto the inside of the front and back covers.

All notebooks will contain lined pages, you can only customise the cover artwork.

Greeting Cards (Artwork):

Artwork needs to be provided at the following attributes:

  • 300dpi (standard for print)
  • Width: 130mm (1535 pixels)
  • Height: 182mm (2150 pixels)

Greeting Cards (Text/Caption):

We have provided a base template for you to use where you can enter your caption, select the font, size, colour and the background colour.

In each of these processes you will see a preview of your product before you save it


We provide templates for you to use when creating your design artwork and the product imagery required for the T-shirt sales process.

In addition we have a step by step tutorial to help you. This process must be followed to ensure that the designs will print correctly.

You can download our tutorial packs and templates here

Once I hit save, what happens?

We'll get to work on creating your product. Once the process has been finished you will receive an email to confirm that it is now available for sale and you can get sharing the hell out of it!

Most submissions will be processed within 10-20 minutes but in times when upload volume is high this might take up to 24 hours.

How many products can I upload?

There is a limit of 30 products per person.

What spec is the notebook?


  • A5 - Hardback Cover
  • 96 pages (192 sides)
  • Paper 85gsm
  • Sustainable sourced lined paper
  • Made in the UK

Manage Your Products

Can I edit a product?

You can edit the title, description and tags at any time.

Unfortunately you can not amend the artwork or design, if you want to change an upload, you will need to delete the original product and then submit the amended design.

I have 30 products, can I upload more?

An artist can only have 30 live products at any time. Therefore you will need to delete any products that you wish to replace before uploading another.

How will my products be seen?

Products by default are sorted by the number of accrued points.

We will be promoting uploaded products via our social media, newsletters and via press coverage.

How do I delete a product?

You can delete a product by going into one of your products. In the meet the artist section at the bottom of the page you will see the option to delete your product.

Note: You must be logged in to view this option and deleting a product will NOT delete its sales performance

Do I keep ownership of my content?

Of course! You do not give up any rights when submitting work.

My product has been removed

We reserve the right to remove any products that we feel breach our content standards or the Marketplace terms and conditions


How do the points work?

Standard filtering of the marketplace will be based on products with the most points.

You can earn points from:

Upvoting = 1pt

You can upvote or like any number of designs once per day. You will need to be logged in to upvote.

Note* Upvotes are updated every 15 minutes.

Views = 10pts

For every 50 views your product receives you will get 10 points added to that product

Note* Views are updated once every 24 hours

Sales = 50pts

Each product sold will add 50 points to your points total.

Note* Sales are updated every 15 minutes

Can I buy my own products?

Yes of course!

My points total is different than expected?

Once a day we will review the likes received to make sure that no votes are duplicated or that someone is trying to manipulate the rankings. Any duplicate likes or views will be removed once per day.

Points awarded for views are updated once every 24 hours.

Commission & Earnings

How much will I earn?

You will earn 20% commission from the final sale price of the item (excluding any discounts) minus the VAT.

For Example:
A £19.95 notebook - minus the VAT (£3.32) = £16.63 you will earn 20% of this figure so: £3.32

No commission will be earned from the cost of shipping.

How will I be paid?

All commission will be paid via Paypal.

Payments will be automatically processed via paypal 30 days after the end of Marketplace (to account for any returns).

In order to receive your commission you will need to include the email address associated with your Paypal account. You may have to log in and accept the Payment via paypal in order for the money to reach your account.

When will I be paid?

You will receive payment via Paypal 30 days after the end of marketplace. This is to account for any returns.

How do I keep track of sales?

You can review sales figures within the marketplace section of your account.

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