On Wednesday the incredibly talented Oana Befort took over the Ohh Deer Instagram for the day. See what she got up to below!


Hi! I am Oana (pronounced “Wanna”) and I will be taking over the Ohh Deer Instagram feed today!

I am a freelance graphic artist working from my little home studio in the Midwest, USA. My work is inspired by nature, flora & fauna, vintage books, folk art and my two kiddos.

Most of my weeks are a juggle between school work with my oldest son and my own work (he is attending a co-op school two times a week while the other two days we follow the school’s curriculum at home).

I have to stay pretty organized and always ponder the priorities, but I feel grateful to be able to do what I love while being there for my family. I will try to share a peek into one of the days that I focus on work. My little 3-year-old girl usually keeps me company in my studio doing her own art pieces and leaving way too many toys around. :)


10:00 am

I am currently busy working on a few commissioned projects that I am not able to share quite yet, but I would love to show you some of my latest personal works that I try to work on in between. This is a sketch for an illustration that will be painted in watercolors and gouache. It will join a series of illustrations inspired by Romanian folk motifs (I am Romanian born) that I started a few years ago.

12:00 pm

Another peek into one of my ‘work in progress’ pieces. I am using watercolor and gouache paints on an Arches hot pressed, watercolor paper with a chromatic inspired by fall tones and hues.


1:00 pm

Fall has all my favorite colors. This piece is part of a personal project inspired by childhood memories and nostalgia #100childhoodstoriesproject


2:00 pm

Post-lunch, getting ready to mail a few art prints and cards to a far-away client.


4:30 pm

A pretty mess on my work desk.⠀
@OhhDeer, thank you so much for having me!⠀


Follow Oana on Instagram at @oanabefort and check out her shop at

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